Hi everybody,

i am new on this site. I need help from anybody who can give me some advice or even if he/she had this problem before.

One month ago, I felt a pain & numbness in my thumb of the right hand, next day went to my point finger, 4th day went all the way to my whole palm & the wrist, after 1 week my whole hand started to become numb. Burning on my finger tips as well as numbness,tickling,itichiness &
heaviness. The numbness also goes under my armpit. I have visited different doctors & mostly they diagnosed carpal tunnel. I have done an emg test, however, my doctor has referred me for mri test too.

If anybody has the same symptoms or can give me any idea about this problem, i'll really appreciate it.

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While waiting for a surgery I unexpectedly cured my cts with a compression method. The details are posted in section 2 of http://www.Icuredmygout.Org . Hope it's useful to you. Take care.
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