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Help Me - Trouble Keeping His Dick Up

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My fiance is having trouble keeping his dick up. After he is done ejactalting he cannot get his dick up again. He use to be able to get it back up. These days he can barely stay hard five minutes. He is constantly going limp please help.
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replied October 20th, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
Maybe he is losing his "sexual energy" with the first time coming. If its a big concern have him see the doc. If not just have him eat more healthy, get a little excersize for energy and see what happens. Maybe you should help him keep it up. And have him have full concentration. I was talk alot with jose and it makes him lose his concentration, but I do it on purpose to bug him.Lol.
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replied November 22nd, 2003
Hlp Me
How old is yr guy? Does he smoke? Smoking can cause poor circulation in blood vessls which can cause penis to not get as hard or stay as hard. Is he under any stress? Stress can cause some problems. Please dont put pressure on yr guy. Hes probably bummed out enough. Prbobly would be good idea to vist local clinic or Dr. To get a look over. Maybe sx life needs a lttle change. Could you surprise him with a wild and wacked out lovemaking session or do something out of the norm. Have him drive you somewhere and you get down to business on him -- anything to try and kickstart the situation. Smile
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