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Getting Orgasm Without Ejeculation

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According to a doctor , I do ...
When I reaches at orgasm , I apply fingers in the perineal area and
block the ejeculation . So I got orgasm without ejeculation . I does
not see even a single drop of semen coming out ...
i feel no weakness that occures after ejeculation and I think I am
saving my energy that will work to build my body not the semen ...
I just start this practice one month ago .
What do you think buddies about this technique
am I doing right ...
It will work well
or it will leave any harm effect on my sexual system .
Discuss please ... Idea
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replied December 4th, 2004
Well according to my knowledge ,,its one of the most harmfull thing u could do to ur penis,by doing that ,,,you will cause massive rupture to the small blood vessels in ur penis ,,,and shortly you are going to encounter small bleeding while peeing ,,,,do u want that ...?
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replied December 13th, 2004
Re: Getting Orgasm Without Ejeculation
Why in the world would you block it? It feels better if you let it out, and like others say, it could cause serious health problems. Let it out!!!
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replied July 6th, 2008
I am having a hard time getting off during sex.
Hey guys I am 25 years old and I have no problem getting hard and in fact I can stay hard for hours, but for some reason I am not getting off very often with my girlfriend who is great in bed and we are very connected on every level. I have a problem with texture if she is to wet then I dont feel anything and if she is to dry then I dont feel anything. Is there anything I can do or is there something wrong with me or us? She can get me off with a blow job, but it can take awhile or just like when I am having sex the texture is very specific. she gets me off with a handjob with lube and blow job 50 percent of the time. Anyway any advice or knoweledge will help. Thanks so much
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