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72 hour pill

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Hi good thing I found this forum. Im real scared. I lost my virginity this saturday morning nov. 20th and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. About 3 hrs after we had sex, I took the 72 hr pill... But then we kept having sex after I took the pills and he would cum out in me... It has happened 3 times already! 3 times we did it after I took the pills...

So are the pills still effective?? I don't know what to do! I thought they would but then I kept reading that it should have been taken after... I did take them after but then we still kept having sex after I took them...

Additionally, im getting close to my period, this nov 24th.. So ive been having the cramps n stuff... Is this just because I took the pills or that im getting my period??

Tomorrow im going to the teen clinic just to get the doc to tell me what to do.. I don't wanna be scared anymore...

About 20 minutes ago, I put on the ortho evra bc patch.. It's my first time to use it... I hope it does work 99% like it said on the packet.. ..

Please im me if u can help!! Im really scared!
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replied November 22nd, 2004
If you are due for your period on the 24th you should be past your fertile period. Go find a site that explains the estrus cycle and the timing of ovulation. Secondly, yes you should have taken the emergency contraceptive after you had sex, if you were so scared about getting pregnant and took it after you had sex the first time, why in the world did you continue to have sex without protection after???? I have been on ortho evra 'the patch' for almost a year, it is great, but hun, you really should have thought about birth control and protection before having sex at all.

In summary, I think you will be fine, unless you are a late ovulator, but please be more careful, get educated about birth control, different types of protection, and study up on your cyle.

Basically you need the date of your last period. (the day that you first noticed blood) and the average length of your periods. From the first sight of blood to the following first sight of blood) you dont need to know your leuteal phase, it will just estimate it. When you get your ovulation day, 2-3 days before ovulation, and about 3-5 days after you ovulate are days when you are fertile.....And should not have unprotected sex unless you want to get pregnant. Just in guessing I believe you had sex after this time and should be o-k....But why have to worry so much....Think about protection and be responsible before you have sex again!!!
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replied October 2nd, 2010
i need help !
I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom ripped so he cummed inside of me. I took the 72hr pill the next day so everything could be fine , but I had sex the nect day and the condom ripped again and he cummed all over me.
I dont know if i should go take the pill again or does the pill provide it since it 72hrs? I dont know what to do and i'm scared .
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