Hey someone posted this on another forum.. Wondering if any1 cud help her.. Thanks---
i am going through my first iui procedure. I began taking clomid 50mg on cd3, had an u/s and was told to give myself the hcg shot on cd10. I had the iuis back to back on cd11 and cd12, and had bd on cd9.
Originally, my doctor told me to come in on cd 27 for pregnancy test. Then it was changed to cd24. On cd 16 (5 dpiui) I went in to have my lining checked and the ultrasound technician told me everything looked great. She spoke with the doctor before releasing me and told me to make an appointment for cd22 for the pregnancy test.

I am very confused. Cd 22 is 11 dpiui from the first iui, and only 10 from the second. Would this not be too soon to test? Has anyone ever heard of a doctor or nurse bumping up the date for the pregnancy test before?

Anyone's help would be appreciated.
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replied November 21st, 2004
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I'm so confused by all of that~so im sorry I can't be of much help~i just wanted to wish you the best of luck!!!
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