Sad a few days ago I discovered a large lump right in the side of my groin, at first I thought it was a boil, now it has become very painful and the skin is starting looking like a bruise. I have a bump= it or anything to hurt myself there. My mom is concerned and thinks it may be a blood clot. Any ideas. It really hurts!! Crying or Very sad
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replied November 22nd, 2004
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U may want to post this on the mens conditions or sexual mens health forums.... How old r u? Do u shave there? Could be an infected ingrown hair. Heck even if u dont shave it could be an infected pore. U should go see a doc. But im sure its nothing to serious. Does it itch? If so, and u havent had it that long, it could be herpes... Course that is only if ur sexually active....
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