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Slowly Going Crazy..!

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Ok.. For the past year me and my dh have been ttc w/o any luck. We have an appt with a fertility spec on the 26th. My afs have been every two weeks for the past six months, slowly they have become lighter and lighter. On the 12th of oct I took a blood test that came out -. The next day I started my period, it only lasted two days. I had brown spotting on the 9th of nov, and that is it. I tool an hpt on the 11th and it too was neg. Still I have not had a af. My right breast is tender, I am not nauseas, but have been having lite cramps. I feel as if I am going to have af but nothing happens. I am also having this white lotion like discharge. Could I be pg and the test just be wrong? When is another good time to test? Please help.. Ashley Crying or Very sad
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replied November 17th, 2004
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Yeah the test can be wrong. Some women only get neg urine tests. Always make sure u take them early in the am. And if u really think u r preg sched a blood test. Symptoms sound promising but I thought I had them last month and i'm not preg, so u never know if its in ur head, just sick, or really preg. Good luck!
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