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Survival Rate of Bone Cancer

Generally (i won't hold you to your answer), what is the expected length of life after being diagnosed with secondary osteosarcoma? I need to know to plan and settle my life.
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First Helper babaloo

replied April 11th, 2005
My mother had osteosarcoma and has been in remishin for 4 going on 5 years, usually by the fith year osteosarcoma can come back they told that if it does and they catch it on time she could live for years she can grow old and gray but everyones different so I really dont know sorry I dont have straight answers for you but my mother is 39 and when she had this she was 35 and she lost her leg to this but she overcame it. As long as you fight back and have hope and believe that your gonna be okay you can live and overcome.
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