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Does Anyone Know What This Hip Pain Could Be???

Hi everyone. I thought that someone here might be able to help me or give advice. I'm at my wits end and am just being passed around from dr to Dr. I've have sharp hip pain that started about 4 months ago in my right hip. It then started in my left about a month later. I noticed at first it just felt tight. When it started in my left leg it felt like it just wouldn't stretch out all of the way when I was walking. After I sat down for a while, I would stand up and start walking and get a twinge in what felt like deep within the joint. I couldn't actually push on anything and make it worse. They've both gotten worse to the point that when I stand up I have to walk for a minute or so before they'll "stretch out" enough for the pain to go away. I'm basically always just having to limp it off. I've had chronic back pain for 9 years after an accident also. When I lay down or sit with weight on my right side, the thigh gets horrible pins and needles and then goes completely numb. I went to an orthopedic dr who did xrays and an mri of my hips sure that something would show up but nothing. He's referring me again to a physiatrist because he doesn't have a clue. I've gotten to the point know where my hips just constantly feel tight and painful a lot. I can't walk normally at all after I stand up. Physical therapy did nothing. The only way that the dr can make this pain occur manually is when i'm laying on my back with my knee bent up toward my chest and he pushes on my foot and I push back against his hand (if that makes any sense!). Sorry so long, I just really hope I can find someone with something similar or some advice! Thanks, danielle
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replied November 10th, 2004
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Okay, I dont know if this will help, but , I think you need someone to talk to so-
swimming in college my one friend had an arthritic hip- it was so bad that sitting or standing for long periods of time was hell for her- swimming was sometimes not an option- now, you have said that your ortho has done the x-rays and such, but still...I know my friends problem was due to a jagged edge on the bone where her hips attached into the socket- the only way she could swim, walk stand sit was if someone stretched her out- I dont know if this helps, but maybe.....................
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replied November 17th, 2004
Hip Pain

don't know if I can help... But I also have similar symptoms for about 3 months.

Most of my hip pain is on the outside of my hip - where the leg tendons meet the hip. I will tell you that I have a form of rheumatory arthritis, but my rheumatologist thinks this is just a sports injury...And not my arthritis.

I had the same gradual on-set, after a major kayak expedition, combined with local pain in my lower spine and also in my knees.

I have similar symptoms - from sitting down to standing up = major pain that I have to walk off; and though it doesn't hurt to exercise, the minute I stop I am in even more pain if I sit down again. Physio did nothing, neither did acupuncture.

I think that I am getting better slowly now, but the things that have helped me ease the pain are:

stretching before I go to bed at night after a hot bath (30 minutes - my lower back, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, calves, glutes - lots of exercises on the web) and doing the same stretches first thing in the morning.

Also, I heard that a lot of hip injuries are often more related to your lower back... Than your hip...

Two other things that really helped me so far... I got some deep massages done in my legs. The first two killed me, but I think I broke through harmful scar tissue and now i'm much looser. Finally, to get out of a chair, I use my arms to pull myself out of the chair rather than the strength of my hips - this helps a lot!

I"m not a doc so I don't know what's up with your injury, but maybe the pain management techniques I listed above will help you out?
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replied April 21st, 2005
Hip Pains
I too was in an accident and injured my back,whiplash and head injuries. Because it took the doctors so long, my spine has twisted all the way down to my lower back. My hips are now affected also.About 3 months ago I started seeing a chiropractor,i go three times a week and get massage therapy once a week. If you find a chiro that is good im sure he can help you. In the short time that ive been seeing one I feel so much better.I can walk normal most of the time and the pain has greatly decreased. If you are sick of the pain as much as I have been for the last two and a half years, then trying something new is worth a shot.

Good luck,hope you find some releif
ze paw
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replied May 22nd, 2005
Sounds like either artritis/of collapse of the femur head. Get a x-ray and have orthopedic surgeon review exactly what this pain might be. Cheers
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