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Advair 500/ I Being Overdosed?

I was recently diagnosed w/asthma..I was given 100/50 advair & an albuterol inhaler...All I have been using is the advair & I see a tremendous difference.. The perscription I have to get filled is for 500/50. Thinking that there is something wrong going from the lowest strength to highest, I called the doctor & the receptionist said that "that is what I have to get" for some reason I think she is wrong & doc could possibly have made a mistake.
Am I being neurotic? Any advice/experinces to share are welcome.
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replied November 16th, 2004
I would definitely go back and check again...Although it is hard for them to admit...Doctors do make mistakes. Please take control of your health and follow your gut feeling.

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replied December 15th, 2004
Yes, I would check with your doctor also. That's a very high dose, so either your asthma is very severe or you have emphysema.

Good luck!

Note: I could not tolerate advair. It worked at first, then caused worse symptoms. It also brought about a "panic" response in me.

Take care
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