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Gout In Ankle Or Cellulitis?

Just started having ankle pain on my outside ankle sunday afternoon/evening and worsening thru the day monday, is about the same today. I did nothing to sprain the ankle so that is out.

When I touch the ankle there is not alot of soreness exept in one spot right on my ankle bone itself. It is very sore and feels bruised at that location. If I keep my foot relatively still the ankle does not hurt very bad. But, when I try to point my toes or pull them towards me, it hurts severely. However, the pain is not on the outside of the ankle where my skin hurts but deeper under the skin more towards the center of the foot.

The ankle was a little red yesterday and much more red today. With the redness being contained to the ankle bone. It was also warm today.

I went to the Dr. And she suspected cellulitis, saying that gout would affect the joint, not really the bone itself, and the redness would be more widespread with gout.

She sent me to get x rays saying gout would show up on an x ray but from what i've been reading gout won't show up on an x ray until damage has been done to the joint.

History is great grandfather with gout, 1 of my older brothers has gout and mother has bad arthritis.

Any help?? Thanks.
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replied January 30th, 2005
I have the same thing as you described .... And yes it s gout...
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replied January 31st, 2005
Actually it was cellulitis! She started me on antibiotics and it went away. I'm very thankful it was not gout after I see what my brother goes thru with it.
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replied May 21st, 2012
Cellulitis not Gout?
I am someone who suffers from gout and haven't had a major attack since I have been put on Allopurinal. This weekend I walked from downtown and my ankles started hurting in both legs. I have had that happen before if I haven't walked in a while. When I got home however I noticed that the pain only subsided in my right foot and got progressively worse in my left foot/ankle. Yesterday, I went through the day thinking it was another bout with gout even though it didn't feel quite the same, anyways I just got out of the emergency room and they ran a battery of tests and blood clot was negative, stress fracture was negative, muscle pull or tear was negative and gout was negative too. What they discovered is that I had cellutis and they put me on antibiotics. I am relieved to have piece of mind about my condition. However it is scary because I never would have suspected a bacterial infection and I wonder how many serious conditions are caused by people thinking it is something else.
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