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Hep C And Trying to Conceive (babybugs?)

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we just found out that my husband has hep c. We had planned on starting to try to conceive a baby (ttc) within a few months. But now, i'm not sure if or when we should start ttc. Of course, we'll learn more about his specific case once he can see a specialist. But, i'd like to hear how others have handled this dilemma.

I understand that we definately shouldn't ttc if he is taking one particular drug used to treat hep c. We're both in our 30s already, so I worry about my fertility declining. But, I want him to be healthy enough to enjoy having a child.

Babybugs - in another thread you said you were going to ttc prior to your husband's treatments. Do you worry about the possible side-efffects it might have on him and how that will affect your pregnancy?

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