Relieve the piles

 the concept of the piles
the piles is a nearby varix in butt, the blood vessel swells, becoming an or several the regiment of venas or blind piles.

 the reason of the outbreak
modern japan medical science can't explain the exactitude clarify the reason of the outbreak ,either.Heredity, tired excesssive, pressure, bad habit etc. Can cause the piles.Moreover, cause afferent breakage or blood circulations because of the ache for pregnancy to produce lowly, also can cause the piles.

 the detection of the medicine grass
two experts,quan zhengyi and bai qianzhen ,by passed years with the research of the cancer and the folks medicine grass, then combinative other people's secret recipe , made the result come out.

 method used before
boil the medicine material,and output steam fume infected part.

Modern way
the material adds to sitting-bathe machine(hygiene, can adjust the temperature automatically)

 material:
(medicine material root)(cutsegment)(powder)( sitting-bathe machine)
 the operation method is as follows
1. The medicine material with a steam boil the method fumes the infected part.

As I see, your company uses the chamber pot or similar in the container of the chamber pot,and hope your company consults.

2. Powder or cut a few usages.

3. For the sake of result that increases treatment piles, fuming the infected part with the hot air, is a way to peep out to the most increment with medicine material steam. It also can cure gynaecology diseases .

4. First time: fume 30-60 minutes with the steam, until perspires on the face. There will be the sore felling, and this belongs to the normal phenomenon, so need not worry.

Second time: fume 30-60 minutes with the steam, until the face is felt hot.

(pass by the step, there will be a clear dry felling.)
third time: have cured 95% or so, for the consolidate cured result, then fume for 30-60 minutes with the steam.( the piles has cured, through labor with pressure, can't relapse.)
piles should be cured absolutely after suffering the three times

(if the excessive tired, drink too much make the omen relapse, fume one more can solve it.)
once, continue to fume 2 days, medicine material can be used two times.Cure 3 weeks, fume 6 returns.

The clinical result expresses, the sufferer with in a little finger size, passed by four months to cure 3 times, has been cured without
relapse. As the reason for bleeding,sufferer has endured much molestation.

The photos after treatment(the piles can be cured for one month ,but now it has been for four months.)
 attention
the modern medical science, chinese medicine learns, korean medical science etc. All medical sciences all strictly forbid to drink the wine.Family women 100% that do not drink t results cure without relapse . The wine is a main reason for piles relapse and conditions convert.(abstain from alcohol absolutely)
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