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Stitche Left In Eye After Cataract Surgery

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About 6 months ago, my mother had eye cataract surgery at the age of 75 years of age. This week, she had a blood vessle to burst in her eye causing it to become very red and the area around the eye became black and blue. She went to a a doctor that did not do her surgery for the cataract. He said that there was a stitch embedded in the eye from the cataract surgery. He said that he would remove it, but he suggested that she go back to the original doctor that did the surgery. At his suggestion, she went back. He said not to worry about the stitch and leave it in there. We want to know if there is any chance that this stitch caused the blood vessle to burst and is it safe to leave this stitch in her eye? Confused
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First Helper Diane Richardson

replied January 31st, 2008
I'm also planning to undergo an eye surgery in a couple of months from now but I have a diabetes so I'm interested in vision correction in the near future without the help of glasses or contacts.

Lasik , stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. The LASIK procedure is a precise and controlled removal of corneal tissue by a special laser that reshapes the cornea in order to change its focusing power. To be considered for this surgery, a technician must first scan your eyes in order to create a detailed map. By doing this, he or she will be able to adjust the laser to your exact requirements in order to determine whether or not the surgery is possible.

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