For the last 6 years I have had these reacurring symptoms:
low grade fever (100 or below), achy joints (all joints), sore muscles. Almost flu like symptoms. These symptoms last for about 3-4 days then all is normal. This is usually every month. I have not done anything about it because the symptoms are not severe, just enough to make me feel yucky but not totally stop me. Well, the last two times that this has accured my glands in my neck became tender and swollen. To the point that it hurt to move my head. That concerned me enough so I went to see my Dr. She said that it sounded like an autoimmune dissorder, particularly like lupus. She wanted to run some test on me. In the past I did have a high sed rate. This time my sed rate was normal and my cbc was normal, but I did have a positive ana 1:80. I am scheduled to go see a specialtist next week for further testing. Also, about 7 years ago, a little before these symptoms started, my husband and I started trying for our 3rd child. In a 2 year span, we had 6 miscarriages (one time there were twins). I was just wondering if this at all sounds like it could be lupus? I feel great today so it's hard to think that there is anything wrong. But, when I do get my flare up of what ever it is, I feel yucky. Like I said before kind of like the flu. Does anyone have any ideas or advice? Kind of scared. I am young, (34 I think that is young), I have 2 beautiful kids (one 11 and one 14- 14 year old has special needs). Just want to know something. And now I guess I am scared because I just blew this off for so long. Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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replied November 5th, 2004
Re: Lupus
Hi karen! It sounds really close to lupus. Have you checked the criteria to see if you have it or not? I think there are 11 things to check for lupus and if you have 4 or more it's more than likely you do. But definitely check with your doctor and get all the bloodwork you can. I have been having positive ana results and positive asma results, but still they aren't real sure with me if I definitely have it. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for right now. You will find that lupus tends to "mimic" other autoimmune diseases and fibro is close to that.

Make sure you tell your doc all the symptoms that you have been having, and ask tons of questions. Good luck and try not to stress too much. I know it's scary when you don't feel right and you don't have all the answers. But eventually there will be an answer for you.

Lots of hugs! Em :d
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replied November 6th, 2004
Thanks so much for your reply. I will ask my Dr. Lots of questions. Like I said before, we go next week. I am so unknowledgable about all of this autoimmune disease stuff. Is fibromyalgia an autoimmune disease? So what exactly have you been diagnosed with? What are your symptoms?

God bless,
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replied November 8th, 2004
Hi karen! It is not an autoimmune disease, just a condition (which I don't believe I have!) of a lot of aches and pains.

From my regular doc, she was the one who pointed out the malar rash on my face. Went to this rheumy (and I am changing next year believe me!) and I told his assistant the following: I get flu-like symptoms every month, sometimes for a whole month and I get a couple days of a reprieve; nausea, headaches, hair loss, joint pain, achy all over, lots of fatigue, brain fog. Got tested three times and all three times the ana came back positive. At that time, he was strongly suspicious of lupus. Did more tests, everything else normal except ana. Then gastroenterologist took 11 vials of blood, everything was ok except anti smooth muscle antibody; that came back positive. Had a liver biopsy, and that showed that I had a fatty liver, nothing else. Went back to rheumy, and now he is going towards fibro "for now". What the hell?!?!?! I am so upset. It's like "well, i'm frustrated I can't figure this out so i'll just label it fibro." I don't get it. It's really important that your doctor listens to you, unlike mine!!!!

Oh! Get this!! I told him about my one cousin, who was diagnosed with lupus. I told him about my other cousin who said that I should see an endocrinologist for thyroid, as that could be the problem as well, but I told the rheumy that she didn't test positive for ana. He says, "well then she doesn't have lupus." hello?!?!?!? I tested positive but I don't have it either?!?!

Sigh. Let me know how it goes for ya! Hugs!! Em
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