My 16 year old daughter fell off a horse 20 months ago and broke her right humorous and is still healing. She has not ridden a horse since. 5 months ago she was having left shoulder pain, so took her to the ortho specialist and after ct, mri and bone scan diagnosised over useage, probably resulting from broken arm.
She has had knee problems since she was 4 or 5. Doctor always told us it was growing pains. After the bone scan (2 months ago), the right knee had a problem. Did mri to find out that the surface of the bone at the knee was broken in many places. 2 weeks ago her back started hurting. When at ortho appointment yesterday, the doctor took an xray and she has cracked one of her lower back vertebrae in 2 places. One of either side where it is in contact with the next vertebrae down. This did not show on the bone scan 2 months ago. The knee is also not healing.
The doctor has ordered an mri for the back and the knee.
Now my question:
what is going on? I asked the doctor if all these bone problems could be a disease, or cancer or something we need to find. He didn't seem to think so. I don't want to miss something and find out too late that we shoulda, woulda, coulda do something. I do not even know where to start. What kind of doctor do I need? I appreciate any help. Thanks!
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