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Sverely Itchy Hands And Feet(blood Pressure ?)

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Hello, I have been trying to find out what is going on with my wife.
She has severe itching in her hands and feet, some swelling in her feet,
know we are currently building a house, could this be related to her nerves. This just started recently. Matter fact right after she had to pick out all the particulars of the house. Could this be nerves or is it highblood pressure? Currently she is taking benedryl this apparently relieves some or all of the itch but also knocks her out. Any info would be appreciated. Question Question
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replied October 14th, 2003
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Hi there and welcome...

I would first tell you that this could be caused by a lot of things. Couple of quesitions...

1) stress...Possibly...Does she associate anything else with this? Does she have a history (personal or familial) of high blood pressure?
2) does she have lupus or an autoimmune disease?
3) does she have any rashes associated with this?
4) does she raynaud's or a vascular issue?

Just a few thoughts,
lady brannon
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