I went camping a week and a half ago (devil's river, south texas) and when I woke up the first morning, I had tons of bites on my ankles, and a few on my hands and legs. They did not itch and they were perfect circles, about a centimeter in diameter. They looked a little like chigger bites. The next morning, the red bumps faded in color and size and the next day they seemed almost gone. Now, they look and feel a little like fire ant bites and itch like crazy.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? It's driving me nuts b/c I used insect repellant and wore long sleeves and pants. No one else with me really had any bites.

Thanks for your help....Any thoughts are appreciated.
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replied March 19th, 2008
Hi Brooke. It is a pretty old letter, but I think the bites were sandflys. Not the gnat or noseeums type, but like the Australian one. My husband and I were told to look out for sandflys on the beaches in WA, but we did not see any flies, only a tiny tiny minute light brownish thing, we could only see because there were clouds of them.
In the evening we were covered in perfect circles, very red and about 1 cm in diameter. We were not worried as they did not itch....untill next day and the next 3 weeks. WE had more than 400 of these things which now looked like giant mosquito bites and itched 10 times more. We had to take antihistamines not to go crazy. Locals told us it was a sandfly and that it was not a bite but urine...I don't know if this is true. The upside is that they said to mix dettol and baby oil and rub it on your skin. This would prevent the bites or whatever it was. It did and was not as bad as the insect repellants you can buy.
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