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Sucking the Nipple At Last Stages of Pregnancy

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my wife is 39 week pregnant. I am very much interested in sucking her breasts. I know at this stage scolestrum is leaking which is supposed to provide immunmity ti baby. And this comes only during the initial days. If I continue this would she lose all her colestrum and the baby would not have any . Or is it ok 4 me to continue the act. ? Pls advice me

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replied November 2nd, 2004
It's all supply and demand as far as breast milk goes. I'm 95% sure that goes for colostrum too. If you think about it, how does a woman with twins automatically have enough for two? Plus, back in the day they had wet nurses. A woman who breast feeds your baby for you, she would just continue to lactate as long as someone was using it up. So, I would think it's perfectly alright!
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