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Bartholin Gland Cancer

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I'm 44. Discovered a lump in the vaginal cavity on thursday. Called the gyn to make an appointment. By saturday it had grown so large that I could not walk, sit or do anything else comfortably. Went today and found it was an abcess on the bartholin gland. The doc drained it and put me on antiobiotics. Did some research on the internet and found these are rare in women over 40. The research tends to lead towards doing a biopsy but my doc is recommending that we wait to see if another cyst develops. Does this make sense? My concern is that if it is cancerous that the prognosis is very poor. One article indicated that only 10% of the women diagnosed live past 5 years and the reoccurrence rate is very high as well. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on this?
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First Helper penny0913

replied June 26th, 2012
I have a simular problem, I am 22 and i have been going through this since i was 15, i have had it lanced once and balloons put in them twice, my gyn said that i would have to have surgery but he has only done the surgery on older woman, wich is pretty scary for me, i have the cyst on both sides and it is so uncomfertable,i dont know what to do, so if you can give some advice on what my next move should be pls. post to let me know, i dont want to go through this any more and my gyn. cant tell me what is causing it. pls help. if you have the same problem some advice would be greatly appriciated
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