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Excyclotropia And Incyclotropia And Botox

Hi all,

i have small excyclotropia in one eye and small incyclotropia in the other eye. This prevents me from binocular fusion.

I am wondering if botox injection can be administered in the oblique inferior for the excyclotropia and in the oblique superior in the other eye for the incyclotropia. Could not find much on the net about botox and the oblique muscles.

Any opinions would be much appreciated.

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replied April 23rd, 2005
Re: Excyclotropia And Incyclotropia And Botox
i have children with exotropia (divergent strabismus or squint) and we live in poland. I don't quite understand your condition as I could not find the terms in my dictionaries.
However, I am interested in the effect of botox myself. Here in poland I have found only two doctors who have been using the botox in treating some eye conditions but I am still wondering whether to let them use the botx on my children. I am not sure of their experience and here in poland you can't see or ask a dr about his experience, successful results, etc.
Anyway, this is what I have found out. The botox (botulin toxin a - if that is the same) (partly) blocks some muscles for 3-4 months and during that time other muscles are forced to work. In the meantime, a number of ortoptic exercises are performed to help in activating some neurological "tracks" from the eyes to the brain, for example to teach binucular vision. Through this the strabismus -squint angle should become smaller and the binocular single vision should become deeper. Depending on the age of patient, angle of strabismus and time spent on exercising the results may vary. Some patients may need anoter botox in about 6 months, some need 2-4 botoxes.
On dr and on eye dept. In a public hospital also use special striped prisms with a similar effect. The effort on the patient's part need to be greater and the motivation, pertinacity, patience and involvement need to strong. Are there any such method used in the usa, or canada? I wonder what the effects are?
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