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February 4th, 2010
After finishing my antibiotics I decided to start working on my pelvic floor. just for kicks I started by taking a Robaxacet and sure enough it gave me temporary relief from the pain. that was about 1 week ago. and since then I've been spending a total of about 15 min each day doing my exercises. 3 times a day for about 5mins. the pain hasn't cleared yet but I'm feeling like I'm on a road to recovery. Not sure I'm buying the placebo effect idea. any relief I had in the past must have been related to something else. it wasn't like I experienced the relief shortly after taking the antibiotics, it would just come and go, much like it does now.

Again thank you for the help, hope someone else can learn from this.
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replied February 5th, 2010
I'm glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery, Photog. I've been doing stretching and excercising two or three times a day for the past three weeks and I too feel like I'm experiencing more good days than I was. It's a very good feeling, that's for sure. But the battle is far from over.

I honestly believe this thing is 90 percent mental. I can almost control the pain with my mind. If my attention is diverted to anything other than my problem, I'm usually OK. That's why the exercises and other methods are key because if you truly believe they will work, then you just do them and let the rest take care of itself. It's almost as if you set aside those times during the day to focus on the problem, and the rest of the day you can focus on work, family, friends, hobbies, whatever.

After four months of this, the number one key is to stay positive and remain hopeful. Once I found out this was stress related, I found hope and an answer, and since then I have felt better just knowing what was going on inside of my body.
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replied February 8th, 2010
hey fellows

Ive had this problem for about 15 months. it started with a very mild urethritis. I got a prescription of azithroicine and doxicicline. After finishing the 12 day treatment I still had the symptoms and took tinidazole, which is supposed to cure trich. One day after I began taking this stuff I starded with the epididymitis problem, plus I experienced a semen like discharge that night and fever. I wen t back to the urologist and he prescribed ceftriaxone for seven days. Discharge was never present again and the epiididymitis went away the second day, but the urethritis persisted, plus now I felt some weird sensation of humidity in my ashol, maybe it had something to do with the prostate.

I visited a number of urologist and had lab work done for gonorrea, chlamydia, semen and urine cultures and everything was normal according to the doctors. I decided to try to stay away from antibiotics that I felt had weaken me more than curing me. My symptoms slowly started to dissapear as the week went by. Feeling better I went back to smoking herb and alcohol, but found out that these activities triggered symtoms. (epididymitis, pain in my right pelvi joint, upper right leg and knee, urethritis, ashol sweat or humidity., doesnt seem like a heavy discharge, loss of energy.)

Im 26 and always been very active, fit and liked to party hard, so taking this off from my lifestyle has not been an easy thing to do. I have done it gradually. The problem is that this condition is not entirely gone. Even smoking a minimum amout of herb, or having and energy drink triggers symptoms. Its really uncomfortable and has even affected my sexual response, since I have trouble getting a quality erection.

Doctors say its all in my head, but I know my body and I know theres something there.. I had a partner recently and after a couple of weeks of having sex she began having vaginal discharge and itching, I could actually see this when we had sex and it wasnt there at the beginning. I went back to the urologists and labs and still tests are all negative and Drs. say theres nothing to worry about!!!! unbelieveable!!

has anyone tried lamisil or anti fungus medicine succesfully as our fellow dsharp? share your healing stories, spread hope, when i find my way out if this I will let you all know. good luck, dont give up, keep hope alive!
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replied February 10th, 2010
I am 35, I have chronic epidydimitis for about 4 years, it comes and goes sometimes is there but no hard and sometimes it is to hard.
If somebody has the cure please let me know. I would really appreciate it.
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replied February 13th, 2010
Chronic Epidiymitis
This is my second post guys. My symptoms are more in my lower left abdoman passing the pain to my left testicle. The testicle itself is not sore, but the pain makes it appear sore! This has been 6 months now. I have tried some natural antibiotic (Herbal-Chenese) and it made some difference. But the pain is back. More late afternoons and spreads to my pelvis. Resting helps but I'm still relatively young and don't like resting too much. My next step is Lamisil and Neurontin Ultracet for the pain relief. Lamisil is expensive but I know have two weeks worth! Fingers crossed.
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replied March 1st, 2010
Chronic epididymitis
Gentleman, i had same problem epididymitis, became chronic, with repeated flare ups of intense, excruciating pain, doctors dont know how to help, and in my opinion couldn't care less. saw urologist from india in uk, head of his field apparently, he said your a young man you shouldnt have these problems, sent me for ultrasound, came back fine, got fed up looked into homeopathic medicine, tried pulsatilla, reduced my pain about 50-60%, cost £5, come on this nothing in terms of cost, tried a few pulsatilla click packs by Nelsons, only got 50-60% better, read up on chinese medicine, went to a traditional chinese medicine shop, whom said i have an imbalance in my body, gave it a try as i had tried stuff for stress from them before which worked great. At first i didnt feel better, and thought im gonna have this for life, then gradually i started to feel better, and better, after 3 weeks, i felt 90% better, i dont even notice the pain, im glad to say i have brought more herbs, and am now 95-97% better, i have had this 2 years, so wishing for it to go away in a week is impractical, body needs time to heal.
So go with alternative therapies the body can heal itself. Total cost for me so far £210, well worth the money, its your health men, i would be willing to spend anything to get better honestly, its hell living with chronic pain. This problems is caused by imbalance in the body caused by lifestyle, stress, poor eating habits, and then addiction to antibiotics weakens our immune systems more, herbs and homeopathy can restore balance and get the root of the problem. Goodluck gentleman
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replied March 5th, 2010
Epididymitis Pain and Treatment - Help
I am 23 years old, i have been diagnosed with epididymitis in my left testicle about 4 days ago. I was prescribed Cripro, and percecet 5mg. The pain did not get any better the next day or the next few days. I had an ultrasound done and they found a very inflamed asyst(sp?). I experienced lower abdominal pain. This whole experience has been very painful - debilitating pain.

I Just got out of the ER with no clear cut answers other than the fact that they have ruled out torsion and kidney stones.

If anybody can please shed some light on how I can go about handling this (IE where briefs not boxers, or wear baggy clothes) in at a 9 for pain out 10. I really feel lost right now as I have nobody to talk to who has ever been through this. I dont like to be on pain killers but it seems they help, but only for a short time.

Thank you

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replied March 11th, 2010

I am getting better, FINALLY.

i am seeing a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and it's helping. it's not an overnight cure at all, but there's progress happening for the first time, finally.

google "a headache in the pelvis" it's a book concerning this phenomenon. if you look at the posts i've made in the past, you'll see that i have tried everything, from fungus-killing to anti-biotics, to natural cures and prayer.

pelvic floor muscle therapy has given me the most results thus far.

just wanted to let everyone know.
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replied March 15th, 2010
Curedsoon -

I'm extremely happy that you are beginning to feel better. I started reading AHIP about two months ago, and I had significant relief for about a month.

About three weeks ago, however, it all came back, and now I'm battling the mental side more than anything. The mental aspect is undoubtedly the most difficult part of this ordeal because it's hard to find someone to talk to about it.

I was hoping you'd like to exchange notes on what works and what doesn't, and help one another out through this.

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replied March 17th, 2010
My experience with epididymitis
Hi guys. Sorry, this will be a very long post offering no solutions, I just want to share my 3 year long experience. Also English is not my native tongue, so please pardon any mistakes.
I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with epididymitis three years ago. It might have been a coincidence, but first symptoms appeared about a weak after I had sex with my new girlfriend (who later claimed to have some trouble with vaginal infection, but nothing serious according to her). That was in January 2007. I was treated with antibiotics and the pain disappeared after a couple a days, while the swelling took months to disappear. I had a pretty busy summer, had a job at a store, so spend couple of months on my feet, not sitting.
The problems returned in December when I was on skiing vacation. Once again I was given antibiotics (from a different doctor). This time it was worse, but once again after about a week the pain was gone and the swelling took about 3 months to disappear.
In May 2008, again vacation, this time in Croatia (= hot) and cycling (= pretty intense workout while sitting on a uncomfortable seat). Same problem. I received antibiotics again and I was recommended a surgery on my right testicle, which took place in June 2008. Then for almost exactly a year I had no problems. From January to May 2009 I was studying abroad (= no sex) - in Finland - and I have had virtually no problems at all.
July 2009 - problems again, this time after a couple days canoeing (= sitting on a hard wooden seat in bad weather). It might have been amplified by a following two week long road trip (= again involved a lot of sitting in a car with hard suspension and hot weather). I received antibiotics again.
December 2009 - I have experienced something like a spasm in my pelvic floor while urinating. It was quite painful, but went away in a few seconds. I have experienced this once before, about 4-5 years ago.
January 2010 - studying for exams (= spending 12+ hours sitting at the desk) - problems again, this time not as bad, a little swelling, more uncomfortable than painful. I declined another batch of antibiotics and the doctor prescribed me some medication that should relax the muscles. It sort of helped, but it might have been just placebo.
March 2010 - problems again, seem similar to the situation in January. Can't see anything I did differently this time. Will see a doctor soon.

To sum this up: I am getting desperate, as with many of you guys, this is affecting my personal life. I stopped cycling, which I loved so much, I have lost sexual appetite, since my right testicle is sensitive most of the time and I can't enjoy sex as before, I have trouble doing sports, etc.

My doctor (head physician of urology in a major hospital) was very understanding, but not very helpful. He said that if it wasn't for my age, he would have suggested removing the problematic testicle. Two years ago I wouldn't consider it, now I am really starting to think about it.

I was trying to find a pattern in the occurrences of the problem. Seems like it might be involved with prolonged sitting. And the problem tends to go away if I keep my mind of it (summer job, studying abroad). Which somewhat goes along with what "curedsoon" has written here. I think if there is an infection, it is a reaction to other, probably physical stimuli. Right now the pelvic muscles seem to be the prime suspect.

I have recently broken up with my girlfriend that I mentioned at the beginning, so I might try another batch of antibiotics, hoping that because I stopped having sex with her, they will kill the infection and it won't come back (just in case I am wrong with the pelvic muscle theory).
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replied March 18th, 2010
Just like to say I'm with you guys in this fight too. I've had this for about 6 months and it's just killing me. I took Lamisil to kill my fungus, which I believe it did, but the symptoms still remain. I'm 33 and fed up at this point with no end in sight. I'm usually not a believe in all that psychological crap, but I am desperate and thinking about giving it a try. So frustrating.
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replied March 20th, 2010
my cure basically involves several things.

1. massive amounts of vitamin c (pure ascorbic acid in crystal powder form). 5 to 10 grams every hour with a glass of mineral water and a little orange juice mixed in. after the infection clears up you can go down to maybe 10 to 20 grams a day for maintnance.

I also take other supplements such as b complex, garlic capsules, probiotic capsules and vitamin A ( I took 25,000 units of A in liquid form....two days apart and that`s about it for careful with A).

2. complete diet change. no salt, sugar, flour, coffee.

I basically eat otameal with wheatgerm in the morning and in the afternoon i make a chicken breast soup with broccilli, celery, and a couple of garlic cloves.

3. pelvic floor exercises and abdominal deep breathing exercises several times durinng the day. I also do a lot of meditation and i repeat my mantra (my body is healthy and strong), and i mentally send a white light to my genital area when i`m meditating.

4. Faith, this is the most impotant part, to have faith and staying focused.

5. I massage my genital area when i`m doing my own physical therapy (pelvic floor exercises etc.)and i use a natural herbal ointment when i do the massage. It has helped me releive the pain.

6. At night when i sleep i put a small pillow between my legs ( I like to sleep on my sides), it helped me reduce pressure on my genitals from my thighs.
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replied March 20th, 2010
Hi it`s me again,

My situation started about a month ago, i ate some very hot and spicy food and went to bed, during the night i got pulse of pain in my left testicle. I didn`t pay too much attention to it and it got more prevalent. My brother in law is a doctor and prescribed cipro and anti inflammatory`s. I felt better a couple of days later. But during the fifth day I noticed some discomfort and i immediately began to investigate the matter on the net. that is how i ended up here. This thread ( and others on the net) were very helpful for me. They provided some hands on knowledge from others who have this condition. After reading the thread i realized i was going to have to take matters into my own hands (so to speak)if i wanted to eliminate this problem for good. I have taken massive doses of vitamin c for colds and after realizing this could be a bacterial infection I made my mind up to take some C. I began taking it two days before my cipro was up (the cipro was damaging my tendons). I realized after reading this thread that antibiotics alone would not do the trick. today is my second day off cipro and on my own program (listed above), I have trouble sleeping (insomnia) but last night my genitals didn`t bother me that much, I put a small pillow between my legs and it helped ease the pressure on the genitals. I have concluded several things. This illness has several components.

1. It is a circulatory problem (physical therapy is a must and you can do it yourself).

2. It is an immune system problem (diet change along with lifestyle chnage is a must to keep it at bay). C will boost the immune system and other supplements are needed as well.

I also take magnesium citrate, 100 mg four times a day.

I am keeping it at bay, it wasn`t easy but if i can do it you can also.

Your results may vary depending on how toxified your body is, the c will purge your body at first and then will proceed to heal and balance it. The pelvic exercises and massage will send the c to the problem areas.

I am praying for all of you to heal as soon as possible.

My lord game me this opportunity to find this cure and it is my obligation to share it with you because of the love i have for my lord and you as well.

Have faith and never give up!

I will be coming back to this thread from time to time. If anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask them. I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.
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replied March 21st, 2010
Other supplemments that are important for testicular health are....

1. Vitamin E...I recommend 400 to 600 i.u.`s daily with a tablespoon of lecithin for better absorption.

2. Zinc...this mineral has provided benefits for prostate conditions and is also helpful against infections...I`m currently taking 20mg divided doses...for example during the day when i drink my vitamin c I`ll bite a small piece off a zinc tablet....that tablet is 30mg...
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replied March 24th, 2010
Experienced User
Hi everyone

I have been experiencing this pain on and off for a long time now,and have had numerous doctors diagnose it as a UTI and given me antibiotics which haven't helped.I went to get tested for std's about 19 months ago when I noticed some red spots on the shaft of my penis very small they were they told me I had HPV and gave me some cream to apply they have now been gone for almost a year but I am still getting pain in my lower abdomen and my left testicle.
I have become so paranoid and obsessed with trying to figure out what could be causing this that I have been back to the Sti Clinic about 4 or 5 times in the last six months to have all the tests done again and again and to make sure I have no warts ,which they say I haven't.
They say that the hpv is not the cause of these pains but I am not so convinced!
Anyway I went to my doctor nearly three weeks ago and he prescribed doxycycline and Metronidazole which are for the treatment of Chlamydia,Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis.This made me so angry because I have been told that I didn't have these at the GUM clinic I then I took an overdose of pills due to all that has gone on had a mental breakdown and ended up in hospital with a diagnosis of psychotic depression to top it all off.

Anyway I came out of hospital last thursday and am now at home trying to cope with everything that has gone on in the last 18/19 months,from being diagnosed with HPV to ending up in hospital which was partly due to my ex g/f .
Well I went for an ultrasound today on my abdomen,kidneys and testes and they now tell me that I have kidney stones in my left kidney which have been there for some time and cysts in my left and right testicles.

All I am concerned about now is what they are going to do about it all because I am convinced that they don't tell you half of what is really going on.I still have a pain in my back where my prostrate is located and they haven't even looked at this yet so for all of you out there try and have faith that things will get better 'cos that is the only thing that is keeping me going at the moment.
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replied April 2nd, 2010
if you have been on need to drtox and get your immune systme back to normal....

take probiotics with every meal to restore stmocach flora and become a vegetarian to detox....

drink plenty of purified water and follow my other posts above for more info....
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replied April 3rd, 2010
Experienced User
Thank you for your advice bandwith 114.I will try that but is that beneficial?
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replied April 6th, 2010
thanx for the advice guys, just wanted 2 let u guys know, the neurontin worked good at first, than afterwards it stopped working, and now i have more pain than b4 and wouldnt recommend using it for pain relief,...well i guess ill have 2 get surgery on my testicles even though the drs cant figure out the cause ::ouchh::
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replied April 11th, 2010
hi guys, im 18 and ive had epididymitis for over 3 years now. The first time i had it, it was the most painful thing i could ever imagine, it hurt even to wear any type of underwear, i was prescribed a antibiotic(i forget what it was, i think it was doxycycline 100 mg) and it went away for about a year. then i got it again and there wasnt as much pain involved, and again was prescribed a medication i forget the name of. this has gone on about 7 more times. with each time i find i get less and less pain. i have no pain anymore just swelling. within the last month i have been to the doctors twice, and in both occassions, they took about 5 minutes of there time to check my testicles and ask me questions and stuff like that, and one doctor prescribed doxycycline and the other prescribed apo-cyproflox, both did absolutely nothing. i have also had 2 ultra sounds and both came back with cysts that the doctor said were normal. i have also had urine tests and blood work done to confirm that i do not have any stds. im going to my doctors tuesday and i will probably get the usual testicle check, anti biotic prescription, and ultra sound. i find the anti biotics useless now, and ive had 2 ultra sounds already in the past so that will probably come back negative as well. and i will ask him to refer me to a urologist.

i also believe i have epididymitis in both testicles because they are always both swollen when i have epididymitis. but today i noticed when i ejaculate, i noticed what i believe to be my epididymis swells up noticably more on the bottom of my right testicle, the area swells up to almost pea size. and ive never noticed any swelling like that in my left testicle, im wondering if anybody else gets this..?
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replied April 13th, 2010
Experienced User
Do any of you have found cures for your chronic epididymitis please let us know. It would really help a lot of men. If you can please let us know what worked for you.
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