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July 12th, 2009
pxgq theory of 'yeast' vs 'bacteria
pxgq theory is quite interesting. To support 'good bacteria', eating Yogurt sound like an idea. It can't hurt, since it is known to have good health benefits.

Antibiotics sounds like a bad idea for chronic infections. I understand the first inclination is to ask for antibiotics prescription, but my experience is it never worked. The only time anti biotics worked for me was when I had ACUTE infection, namely severe bronchitis. At that time, I thought I was going to die. Antibiotics did the trick, but I still suffered from chronic coughing for couple years. For chronic problems, you need to build up your immune system.
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replied July 13th, 2009
Thanks for your information Pxgq55a

I have been dealing with this problem for about six month I didn’t get it from STD either, and the lab said that there were no infection, I took levoflaxine doxicicline and I’m about to finish my last row of antibiotics, I don’t know if I should go to the urologist to get more antibiotics, since they don’t seem t be working as expected, I mean I have note an improvement, and the pain is not excruciating anymore, it’s mostly a weird sensation in the scrotum, thought it sometimes intensifies, but not at the point f hurting anymore, I think the antibiotics made his part but there is nothing else they can do, unless I decide to take even more.

I’m thinking about using dsharp method, as my last resource, in my country therbinafine is not selled under prescription, so I wont be needing a doctor to try that, now I’m between going to the urologist once again, or using the money to buy therbinafine instead and treat the problem as a fungus.

I hpe it solve your problem as well as mine, if therbinafine could help both of us, the I would dear to say that we may had found a cure for chronic epidydimitis.

My only question it would be if we could take therbinafine with occasionally analgesics, cause sometimes I feel more discomfort after an ejaculation, which is holding back my sex life a lot, I usually fix that by taking one day of meloxicam, so I don’t know if I would be able to took this to meds without problem.

I'm also trying toavoid unhealthy food and acohol and coffe, please keepus informed about the evolution of your condition I shall do the same
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replied July 13th, 2009
i am a 22 y/o male who began noticing symptoms about 5 months ago. pain behind and above my left testicle that makes it feel as thought it is hanging by a very tender, very painful string. there has never been a discharge, but once or twice I have found a yeasty white build-up on my penis.

when things get bad, the pain will creep into my right testicle or my abdomen. at its worst, i was nauseous and delirious. now, i am trying to learn how to live the most fulfilling life possible. i've been praying a lot and trying to appreciate the things that i can still do.

i was very active, commuting to school by bike, playing drums, skateboarding. the first thing i noticed was a faint, very faint tinge of pain after a long bike ride.

i remember telling my girlfriend about this, just before i left on tour with my band for 2 weeks. i did not see a doctor because i had experienced similar minor pain in the past, and it had gone away in a week or two.

during the tour, i was riding 5 or so hours a day on an old bus, moving heavy equipment, drinking, skateboarding, and not bathing too often. between new york and texas, the pain became too much to bear.

in austin, texas, we cancelled a show and i went to the emergency room where i was given pain killers and antibiotics with a referral to see a regular physician. I went back to New York and spent about a month and a half on different antibiotics.

during this time the pain subsided to a point where i could at least work and attend classes, though i was in constant discomfort. i tried to ride my bike a few times, and always regretted it the next day.

i went to see a primary physician 3 or four times, and after the condition had existed for about two months, i was referred to a urologist.

the urologist stopped my antibiotics, had me tested for all of the usual STD's, and they were negative. he told me to continue with ibuprofen and 'take a hot bath', then sent me out the door.

at this point, I was furious. I became very depressed due to months without exercise, along with the decline in my social life.

I started to do lots of research online while i sat in the tub, and did things that i found recommended online which my so-called 'specialist' never mentioned. these days i think of doctors more as insurance agents with script pads than real care providers. when you need to get tests done, that's really what they're best for.

so i began to wear a jock strap for my day to day activities, and got the doc to switch me from ibuprofen to celebrex. celebrex is used for arthritis, and it treats swelling. i find that it works better and longer, and it is easier on my stomach.

it has been about 3 weeks since i began the jock strap, celebrex, and hot bath treatments. i've also quit alcohol and caffeine. it's funny, because the first time i read about these treatments I said "no way", that's hippie stuff. Whenever I go a couple hours without a jock strap or i decide to have a few drinks though, i notice quite a bit more pain.

i also believe in praying too, and not just 'please god cure me'. even if you don't believe in god, thinking about the things you are thankful for and the ways in which you can actually improve YOURSELF is good for your mental health, which can affect the rest of your body very strongly.

it has been almost 5 months now, and although I am no longer miserably depressed, i still look at other guys when i'm out and about who are swimming, running, playing basketball, just wishing that I could be back out there as well.

i have read numerous mentions online about fungi and virus infections, but when i asked my doctors about them, they didn't think it was even a remote possibility.

so today i began taking probiotics. i actually bought a 'vaginal + urinary tract health' blend because it seems more targeted to the reproductive organs in general, and because of the strange white buildup i've found on my penis.

I have another appointment with the urologist in a month, and if the probiotics haven't helped at all i will start talking to him about cymbalta and nerve freezes.

the cymbalta treatment mentioned a few pages back sounds interesting to me. sometimes nerves seize up and cause pain long after infection or injury is gone. I know that mold anti-depressants can treat migraines and lots of other things.

i will be trying new things until i can run and swim again, but in the mean time i try to thank God for all of the other things I can still do, because there is always somebody worse off who needs help.
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replied August 18th, 2009
Hi guys,
I really feel your pain. I was diagnosed with epididymitis 6 years ago and suffered from the inflammations and pain for about 2 and 1/2 years. Several urologists just assumed that I had sexual relationships out of the wedlock (it was not the case!) and prescribed several bouts of antibiotics to no avail... Then, I finally traveled to the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and they diagnosed an enlarged prostate that was exerting pressure on an internal nerve. A simple course of alpha-blockers (Flomax), for about two months, took care of the problem! The pain and inflammation totally went away...
I was so angry that I had to live with this for almost 3 years given how easy the solution was, just because most doctors are ignorant of the origins of this problem!
Please have your doctors try and prescribe you alpha-blockers: I never have had any problems since then...
I hope this helps: please post back if you tried alpha blockers and they worked: I would like to know if an enlarged prostate (or similar inflammation of internal muscles) is a common cause of epididymitis and be able to help more people...
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replied August 22nd, 2009
I have epididymitis for about 3 years it is a very frustrating thing to have, I have a very high pain threshold and has not really stopped me from doing things in life BUT has definitely cut back on those things. I had 3 run ins with antibiotics and none have worked so i just stoped going to the doctor, I recently have insurance with my employer so I decided to try the doctor again.. Guess what it did not work.. I have been looking for cures online "Cure for ___" but found that these website only offered antibiotics until I decided to find comments of antibiotics not working and stumbled onto this website.. After reading these post I feel it is a Fungal infection for the following reasons.

Like women (yeast infections) I think I have a similar infectios, next to my scrotum on my sides I have a rash and I have applied Cortaid(kills fungi) and has worked.

On my pedis there is also some kinda of white residu like a previous poster..

I will try lamisil very soon.

Symptoms include.
abdominal pain
thigh pain
leg pain
testicular pain
lower back pain
knee pain
depending on the activity it ranges from 4-8 on a pain scale.
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replied February 6th, 2012
Did this end up beeing fungal? I would love some help .
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replied August 25th, 2009
hey all

its been almost a month since i last posted and i figured i would update everyone.

i have begun self-treating my condition as a fungal infection. this means i take probiotics every day to replenish the neccesary bacteria which i may have damaged during my long, fruitless tries on antibiotics.

i have also changed my diet in case there are fungi i need to kill. Here is one website about anti-fungal diets.

now, it's a tough diet to follow, especially when i can't be sure that i actually HAVE the condition its supposed to treat. my urologist has repeatedly told me that fungal ep. is "very rare" and that he doesn't know how to test for it. after my last visit (fourth time in about 6 months), he told me to see an infectious diseases specialist if i really wanted to get a fungus test, but that he recommended pain management, in case it is a nerve issue. he told me that since i have had a back injury in the past, a nerve related cause is likely for me. unfortunately, i am between insurances right now (just graduated college) so I can't go see anyone right yet.

i'm seeing it as an oppurtunity to treat myself! basically at the moment this means treating myself for yeast and watching for improvement-- if i get better, AWESOME! but if not, I will visit a second urologist as well as an infectious disease specialist and a pain specialist when my new insurance kicks in.

there are a number of sites online claiming that you can use a "spit test" to ascertain whether you have a yeast problem, but my further research has proven it highly unreliable.

the good news, is that when i'm good with the diet, i notice an improvement of symptoms. whenever i let myself go for a few meals, eating too much fruit or starch, my conditions flare up. now i don't want to claim "I HAVE A YEAST INFECTION AND I KNOW IT!" because without a test i can't be sure.

all in all, the fact that i have a hunch about my condition that can't be backed up with medical tests makes me feel a little but insane, but I keep reminding myself that i'm being as rational as possible.

the doc told me that since my symptoms predate my use of antibiotics, its unlikely to be fungal, but I used an absurd amount of antibiotics as a child for everything from chronic ear infections to acne and rosacea. but there's some good news.

i've read of an anti-fungal drug that you can get without a perscription-- because it's marketed for dogs. it's called lufenuron and it's offically used to combat fleas. it breaks down the cell walls that both insects and fungi share, yet has no effect on mammals. i want to look into the safety of it all, but i think i may give it a shot-- why not? if i get better, i'll know that i have a fungus issue, and if not, i'll be ready to go see some more doctors when the insurance picks back up.

it's tough for me not to get all caught up in the yeast-paranoia, but i also know worrying about a condition i can't test for is bad for my mental health, and stress could aggravate my condition as bad as anything else.

still, my condition has improved by 20-30% over the past 2 months, after a very long standstill. so i am looking forward to beating this wacked-out condition in the near future!!

i will be treating myself for a fungal infection as best as i can with diet and supplements (maybe lufenuron), as well as treating myself for stress (taking a 'staycation' and trying to relax!)

I am going to beat this thing sooner or later, even if later means years. I know that I'm strong enough!

Best of luck to everyone, and I will be looking into the new info posted just above me regarding enlarged prostates and alpha blockers-- I'm not ruling anything out!

Best of luck to everyone and god bless, keep strong and live the best you can! my heart goes out to everyone with epididymitis and I hope that we can all find cures soon!
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replied August 26th, 2009
hey all-- just to clarify, the diet i mentioned is a protein and vegetable diet, removing sugars and carbs. you can google 'candida diet' if you want more information.
and the anti flea/anti fungal chemical i mention for dogs is called lufenuron. it looks like you can't buy it at a pet store without vet perscription, but you can still order it online, from amazon of all places (among others) hope i can help somebody.
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replied September 1st, 2009
epididymitis in both testacles?
Hey all,
About a month ago my right testacle began paining, at first i thought it would go away but the pain only worsened. I went to a urologist and he said it was epididymis (it was..) and i took antibiotics (cifrofluxcin) for 10 days. After about 3 days of antibiotics the swelling started to reduce and eventually everything went back to normal, or so i thought. 2 weeks passed, and i started feeling pain again, this time in my left testacle. it has swollen up and i have epididymitis in my left testacle now. I'm going to the doctor today, but i'm worried that antibiotics is not the answer after all i've read in this forum. has anyone had this problem in both testacles or had it switch from one to the other?
thanks a lot,
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replied October 30th, 2009
hi i have had a milky discharge from my penis, in the morning especially, that goes away after I have my morning "movement" then returns about when I go to bed.
I got tested, everything negative, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, etc, no sign of infection even. i have not gone to the urologist as he will just stick a finger up my ass and tell me there is nothing wrong that will be $175.
i have had epidiymitis and orchitis on the right side for 2 years now, after a car accident. howevr the discharge just started 4 weeks ago.
sometimes there is burning, although that seems to have tapered off, after rough treatment my penis seems to be sorer than it would have been previously, but overall my discomfort seems to be less than most of the other pour souls posting here.
I find that keeping hydrated seems to help somewhat, seems like drinking orange juice in the morning makes it slightly worse, I stopped drinknig coffee for a few days, that did not seem to change much, so i am not convinced that food/drinks are the biggest issue here.

i am assuming that i am now suffering prostatitis, since i have not really taken much in the way of antibiotics in the past 2 years, i do not think it is fungal.

well i am hoping to find a cure for this.
i just wanted to let you all know that if you had any type of car accident, even a little fender bender, go see a chiropractor, when i first experienced the pain about 2 years ago i thought i had cancer and was going to die i hurt so bad, but the chiropractor managed to get things down to a manageable level, although i still have the prostatitis symptoms, fortunately the epidiymitis and orchitis seem to have quieted down a little. still this discharge from the penis that was not there before is disconcerting i feel like such a freak because of it and i know all who have never suffered this discount would assume it is an std so it is not really the thing that you can easily talk about with others. even doctors after they see me 2-3 times can;t fix it they seem to tire of hearing of it just want to get back to driving their porsches and ferraris around. no one gives a damn about the health of male sex organs. the only thing worse than that is dermatology. even dermatologists laugh at dermatology patients.
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replied December 3rd, 2009
epididymitis from tuberculosis
Hi everybody,

I have been suffering from really painfull epididymitis for the past 6 months. I have a similar story as many people on this forum and others. I have been to 4 urologist and taking many courses of antibiotics, muscle relaxers, anti imflamitories, and even ativan to help with the stress of this condition.

I have had no luck with any of the treatments and like many other people they have not found bacteria in my urine, blood, or semen. i found tubuerculosis mentioned alot on the internet as a cause for this condition and spoke to my doctors about the possibility and they never took it seriously, said it's very rare in the western world, and did not even test me for this condition.

Anyways to make a long story short i could not take any more pain and wanted to be tested for everything despit the doctors advice. Anyway I got my results back yesterday and I tested possitive for tuberculosis and I can finally see brighter days in the future. I have not started the treatment yet but i am very possitive I will finaly feel better again (got my fingers crossed).

I am posting this comment with the knowledge that tuberculosis is very rare, but there is a possibility and after months or years of pain I would suggest you insist upon a test. There must be many people out there suffering, and I can't be the only one with tuberculosis of the epidimis.

Hopefully this helps somebody. It's just a imple test and it could be the answer to horrible pain, atleast in my case the past 6 months have been a nightmare.

Hope you guys get better soon
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replied December 8th, 2009
It's amazing how many people here are suffering this problem. I'm a 29 year old male and my story is a 4 year battle. As a little background, I did contract Chlamydia and HPV when I was 21. I visited many doctors complaining of lower abdominal pain for 4 years, but they never put the two together. I didn't realize I had them for nearly 4 years. I was treated for both and told that they were gone. 2 years passed and I fealt better. That is when I hurt myself exercising and had to have ingunal hernia surgery in 2006. After the surgery I fealt fine, but within a few months I started having pains in the left testicle. After a Pelvic CT, I was diagnosed with epididymitis and given Cipro. The Cipro cleared it up, but it returned a few months later. This round of antibiotics makes 8 infections in almost 4 years. If I'm lucky I might get a total of 3 months pain free and it comes back. The lower abdominal pain never goes away and the anxiety now from the constant pain has about ruined my life. Simple tasks are difficult and I can't tell you the last time I looked forward to anything. My pain is about a 4 and is constant. Stress makes it worse, smoking makes it worse, so I quit. I get lightheaded and nausea from the pain I think, which leads to anxiety. Minor symptoms include inability to keep warm, stomach bloating, fatigue. I've been tested for everything, I know it's related to the testicle pain.
Just looking for answers like everyone else.
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replied December 16th, 2009
I have to tell everyone who has posted....God Bless you all, this has got to be one of the most under-rated chronic diseases in this country. Most guys just suffer in silence with this darn epididymitis and that prevents the medical community from becoming more aware of it. I hope read every post on this forum and wish everyone the best of luck. Having been a long term sufferer myself with no cure, I know the pain, anguish and irreperable damage this can do to a man's life. I hope that all uroplogists and drs. check out this blog there is so much good information and treatments. God Bless!
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replied December 28th, 2009
Its obvious that not all bacterias grow in samples.. Just the medicine isnt so far developed.. There are many undiscovered things..

I dont believe in the post nerve damage that shoud cause the pain.. There are microbes in our prostates, but are just unvisible for the microbiologists, so you cant get know which antibiotic is effective and follows a blindness therapy and bit by bit the agents go chronic and resistant to the antimicrobes..

Ok, nerve drugs are an option to escape the pain but they dont treat anything..

In such moments its really hard and so painfull mostly psychologically, but what else we can do... Sad(((
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replied December 30th, 2009
lifepreserver I have chronic epididymitis for 3-4 years now, and its rough,the pain is constant, and the anti-inflamms don't work,..i tried neurontin 600mg lastnight and i feel alittle better, but it not a permenant fix, like gacota said above. lifepreserver
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replied January 5th, 2010
Stanford Protocol
Has anyone used the Stanford Protocol ?

I've struggled with this horrific ailment for three months now, and I feel like mine was triggered originaly by stress. When my mind is off of my problem, I don't notice the pain nearly as much; however, when I am sitting at a computer with just my thoughts (like now), the pain persists.

The videos on the Web site accurately describe what I and the rest of us seem to be feeling. I'm going to order the book today and start the program soon.

Has anyone else tried this method? Does anyone want to start it with me, sort of like a buddy system?
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replied January 9th, 2010
Have any of you tried WaterOZ's Colloidal Silver. It is a very potent natural antibiotic! My son had this (epididymitis). We bought WaterOz's Silver Concentrate. Epididymitis is gone over a year now and has not been back. No further problems. Hope this may work for you.
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replied January 19th, 2010
Mental pain enacts the physical pain
I'm not sure why my last post was deleted, but anyway...

Guys, I think some of you are paranoid with bacterias, funguses, etc., when actually the problem is simply stress-related.

I was diagnosed with epiditymitis three months ago, coincidentally right when I started a new job. The pain seemed to increase with stress levels, and decrease when my mind was off of it. Whenever I'd see the urologist, he'd reassure me that everything would be fine. This made me feel better for several days, only for the symptoms to return.

I slowly began the negative thinking that this may haunt me forever, which only fueled the pain. This forum did not help my mental state. However, one of you posted a website for the Stanford Protocol's "A Headace in the Pelvis," which explains how we clinch our pelvic muscles in certain stressful situations, leading to a multitude of potential symptoms.

When I found that Web site, I immediately found hope, and the next few weeks were the best weeks for my pain in some time. I am just now starting the physical therapy spoken of in the book, as well as another, and I'm confident that with dedication to the regiment, that my pain will be minimized. I'm not a spokesperson or anything for them; I just sincerely hope you guys look at the problem from a different angle.

I see all of your posts about herbs, drugs, surgeries, etc. and to each his own, for sure, but I'm starting to really believe the problem and solution is much simpler. Developing a more healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally, I believe will help us all get through this. I pray for everyone here whose lives have been injured because of this horrible condition, and I believe that we will all recover if we attack it logically.
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replied January 21st, 2010
currently I've been dealing with this for 4 months. Antibiotics seem to help but only for a short time then the pain comes back. I've been on Cipro, then Ofloxacin and now Doxycycline. have no idea how i contracted this. I've cut coffee, sex and beer and I still have discomfort. after I'm done this corse of Antibiotics I won't continue.
Has anyone tried this ?
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replied January 27th, 2010
I'm Improving! After 11 Months!

This is my third post, and this time, IT'S GOOD NEWS!!!!

I tried everything. Three general docs, 4 urologists, 3 courses of antibiotic, 4 ultrasounds, a gastroenterologists + a CT scan to check for hernia... no help. This has gone on for almost a year.

my last urologist recommended me to a pain management specialist-- but most pain dr.'s work only with neck and back pain. so I had to call around until i found someone who could help. I was FURIOUS!

I eventually located the NYU Pain Management center in NYC (I live in NJ), where I was perscribed neurontin and ultracet... not exactly a cure, but FINALLY, something for the pain.

more importantly, he referred me to NYU's Rusk Institute for Rehabilitative Medicine, for physical therapy. First, I had a consultation with someone who was dumbfounded. But he talked to his supervisor, an expert in PELVIC FLOOR muscle/skeleton issues.

So I went back, and after poking around down there, she found some clenched muscles that can prohibit fluid flow-- ie, cause swelling in my nuts that wont go down!

So now, it seems like a month or two of physical therapy will re-set my pelvic floor and get my fluids moving again. for the first time, there is relief in my scrotum, and HOPE in my future.

Also, I have been turned on to the work of Dr. John Sarno, also at NYU's Rusk Institute, who believes that many chronic pain conditions are caused by anger and other negative emotions that we repress. The better news is you don't even need to see the guy, because he's written so many books, and most of techniques he recommends can be done at home.

SO GUYS! If you've had enough of the pain, here's my suggestion:

--Find a pain management doc to make life bearable in the short term. Look in major University hospitals, because they're less likely to turn you away.

--Find a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor issues. this is apparently a very common set of conditions for women, but less for men. so many dr's will not think to take this route with a 'men's issue'-- but it's worthwhile!

--Google "John Sarno" and research his "TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome)" theories. there is a great forum online called where people have helped me out.

best of luck to everyone!
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replied January 28th, 2010
Photog - The reason the antibiotics make you feel better for a brief period is because of the plocebo effect: You expect to feel better; therefore you do. I experienced it as well, three times, and it was always very depressing when the pain came back.

It's up to all of us to find this mental state without a placebo, which will in turn relax our pelvis muscles. Then, we have to rehabilitate those strained and over-tensed muscles.
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