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March 2nd, 2014
G'Day Guys,

31y old
Brief history

-6 years ago had torsion of the testicle resulting in surgery to stop it happening again
-few years later thought i had a recurrence turned out to be Epy. - took antibiotics and went away
-since then reccuring bouts of Epy. about once a year for a couple of months
- Had all the tests and no STDs or bacteria detected
-Pain has been mild to moderate, occasionally extreme

Starting like many of you questioning if this is a fungal infection so going down the Probiotic and anti fungal treament, and eating propely. will get back to you

The antibiotics seem to work during but as soon as you stop them it comes back, last dose was 6 weeks and its come back within days of finishing them. Previous GF had yeast infections so could be relatd to that.

Last few bouts of Epy. were full on, you feel like a prisoner with this problem, hard to enjoy life even when its good if your balls are hurting. Might be a little corny but staying positive is so imortant, only just figured that out.

Also for any newbies to this condition, just be aware of torsion of the testicle, id never heard of it and when it happened to me i thought id sleep it off, but a mate found out id done it and knew about it, go straight to the ER if you suspect it, i nearly lost my nut, a feew hours is all it takes.
Quick test for it is running your hand lightly on your inner thigh on the sore side and if you feel a connection and tingle to your ball then thats a warning sign, plus the excrutiating pain lie being kicked in the balls and it never goes away, thats a sign too haha

Back to Epy. warm baths are great temporary relief, when i dont have time i grab a pint glass and fill it up and shove my balls in it when im in the shower, morning and night. Pelvic floor exercices are good too

It seems everyones sucsess stories all differ, i dont think there is one miracle cure for this, gotta try everything systematically and tick them off.

Docs and specialists can be really helpfull and really useless. You are the best Doc if you do your research, ive known more about Epy. than most of the doctors ive seen, so trust yourself and your gut feel.

Ive learnt alot form these forums so thanks for sharing
And good luck!

And spread the word, i tell everyone about my problem, not ashamed, the more awareness there is can only help
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replied March 2nd, 2014
Hey There,

Been Battle this for almost a year now. Doctors don't know much either.

Not sure if it is epy. or not.

The best thing that has help me is getting on nerve drugs. Lyrica seems to be working the best. Had some relief with Nortriptaline in the beginning, but wore off after a awhile.

Worst thing ever, this is!!
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replied March 27th, 2014
I have battled this problem for years, and came back here with news that a sperm culture had yielded a result of yeast growing in my sperm. Thinking this was the issue, i took powerful antifungals and in short - it did nothing.

I have been at a zero pain, and thought i was better, and I have been back to horrible pain. It comes and goes, so I cannot say that I've beaten it - but i know it better now, and I've learned to manage it. There is no "silver bullet" answer to this problem. This is a combination of factors, and ive been able to get myself to a zero pain level and a normal sex life by:
- proper diet/defecation every for one.
- not totally abstaining from ejaculation. Do not "edge", or tease yourself into chronic blue balls. Ejaculate at the very least every other day.
- Stay away from norco/vicodin opiate drugs, they constipate you and lead a reactive pain cycle worsening.

Most importantly, if you take anything away from this post at all, know this. Read this as gospel. This simple phrase is going to be the website i create one day for men who suffer from this:
"Consider that the pain is traveling downward, not upward"

Consider that the pain you are feeling in your testicles is actually referred pain from elsewhere, namely, your knotted up abdomen

Im serious! Feel on either side of your abdomen, roughly where the psoas muscles are. Hurts, doesnt it? That area, those muscles, those nerves, radiate downward into your testicles. So while you very well may have started with testicular pain, and you still may have some, make no mistake - you are getting referred pain that is traveling DOWNWARD to your testes from this region. From walking funny trying to baby your testes, from holding yourself rigid, from whacking your posture all out of whack, you have created a knot of muscles in this area of your abdomen and it rains pain downward.

Like I said, it's a combination of things. Are you abstaining from sex entirely/having too much ejaculation? Are you doped out on pain meds? Are you straining bowel movements? Do you go every day? Are you walking funny, have bad posture as a result of trying to "baby" your testes or abdomen? Does your lower back hurt from laying down/sleeping too much? Is your abdomen a knot of muscles?

My advice to you is to ask yourself these questions. There is no pill that is going to save you, there is no surgery that is going to save you. I was on the way to get my nuts operated on, when i saw a physical therapist and working with her it changed my life. Make no mistake, i still suffer relapses, but after a week or so of working on all the mentioned factors i see improvement until it's not a problem again.

Use a heating pad on your abdomen, see a physical therapist, and consider everything youve read here. The pain is traveling downward, youve created this syndrome thru your worry and self-defense mechanisms, youve created this pain syndrome yourself. You have the answer, and it's going to take a lot of work on your part but it can be done.
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replied March 27th, 2014
As i look thru these posts, i keep seeing the same things. 'While i am taking antibiotics, i feel better. I stop taking them, it comes back". Or 'power of positive thought' type stuff.

It's true, this is a mental battle youre fighting as much as a physical battle. Could it be that when youre on antibiotics, you are walking correctly? Thinking correctly? Holding yourself correctly? You believe that this is the solution, so you stop obsessing about it and live normal?

The mind and body are connected. If you suddenly realize youre breathing and go into "manual breathing mode", it's torture. Soon you forget about it, and you go on breathing as normal, not thinking about it and life goes on. But what if you didnt? Your chest would begin to hurt, you may hyperventilate at times. It's like a lump in your throat you always have, but only find it intolerable once you notice it, then swallow til your throat is raw.

This is a mental battle as much as a physical battle. Walk normally, no matter how much it hurts. Know this is the solution, know this will end. Normalcy will end this. Being normal will bring normalcy back, acting abnormal only fosters the abnormal condition. I know it's tough, it's literally torture at times, but it's essential.

The pain is traveling downwards, maybe not all of it, but some of it. The pain is traveling downwards, not upwards. When you feel a pain spike, massage your abdomen on either side. When you feel you worst "testicular pain", start to explore your abdomen. Is your pain really there? It's worth a shot, what do you have to lose?

And I know that I sound anti-medication, and for the most part i am. Ive been there, done that, Ive tried everything. From beta blockers, to antifungals, to nerve meds, opiates, to the strongest antibiotics for months, you name it Ive tried it. Ive had doctors writing me any prescription i wanted that I found people got "results" from, and it seldom did anything. Foremost, I am certainly anti-pain medication. It does nothing, it never has for me but make me not care about the pain, accept the pain, resign myself to the pain and get high. Might as well have some fun, right? Might as well get a nice buzz out of this. That should be a sign right there. Actually, at the very least it will constipate you, at the very worst lead to more pain and turns you into a junkie. Getting rid of this problem will do you no good if you die from a destroyed liver and kidneys. Get off the dope, do you want to be high at the cost of getting rid of this? Is it worth your life?

Ive found a good sedative is helpful, at bedtime. A good nights sleep is essential. If you cannot sleep, or even if you are getting very light sleep, I would recommend something like Temazepam. Take one, get sleepy, knock out into a deep and restful sleep. It helps.

A good sedative at night, a good laxative to keep you defecating easily daily, even several times a day. Then, start eating and sleeping properly and you may need them anymore. Think positive. Listen to what your body is telling you. This is manageable.
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replied April 19th, 2015
"While i am taking antibiotics, I feel better. I stop taking them, it comes back"

Yes, Jason, that is the problem exactly. Epididymitis is mainly caused by bacteria, and certainly so when your statement above applies. Antibiotics penetrate into the scrotum very poorly so it is difficult to get a high enough concentration of abx to eradicate the bacteria. There may also be bacteria present in the vas deferens and prostate that are causing re-infection. And finally, the bacteria may be shielded by biofilms, in which case they will be suppressed by antibiotics but return when they are withdrawn.

Proper understanding of the matter is complicated by the fact that just about every male has got bacteria throughout his genitourinary system. This is why some urologists deny the role of bacteria. So, to be precise, the issue is how our immune systems react to the particular bacteria we have got.

So how to deal with it. The choices are (1) find a way to make antibiotics work, and/or (2) find an anti-inflammatory recipe that works, or (3) remove the offending tissue. The best choice depends on the individual. Dr. Toth injects antibiotics directly into the scrotum. You can find more information on this at his website. It is also possible to do this yourself. For anti-inflammatories we have the usual NSAIDS plus a variety of herbal formulations to try out. Finally , if all else fails there is epididymectomy.

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replied August 26th, 2014
This is the best thread I've found on Epididymitis. You should all feel proud for helping each other because as we know doctors don't seem to give us the advice we need.

Here a few things that have helped me live with my recurrent epididymitis-

Probiotics- Once the infection has cleared up and most of the pain and subsided from taking anti-biotics you will need to replenish your body everyday to fight off the condition from recurring. It’s easy to recur when your body does not have the means to do so from taking so many antibiotics. So eat youghurt with live cultures everyday and take probiotic pills. If it says to take 1 pill take 2. My breakfast is quinoa, plain probiotic yoghurt(no sugar), blueberries, pumpkin seeds and half a scoop of chocolate protein powder to taste.

Vitamin E- I find this is helping me. I don't know why to be honest but I've seen it come up as helping a lot of people with penis and testicle issues.

Reduce coffee intake at the start for a few weeks. After that you can drink coffee once to twice a week at the most. Do not drink coffee or other caffeine drinks every day as this will aggrevate your condition.

Alcohol- I don’t find this affects me. I live in
Ireland so it’s social suicide to give up drinking. I’d give it up for a few weeks at the start then enjoy occasionally after that

Ejaculating- do not ejaculate many days in a rows. You need to give your epididymis time to heal and not over work it. I ejaculate every 2-3 days 1-3 times in that day.

Underwear- switch to breifs as you need the support. This will help with pain too. The days of wearing boxers are over my friend. Do not switch back to boxers when you start to feel well again.

I do feel a very slight ache from time to time but it does interfere with my life. Apart from that the above is working for me. If you only do one thing increase your probiotic intake to fight off a future recurrent infection
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replied June 22nd, 2015
Guys listen up! Go buy a bottle of D-mannose from the health food store take 3-4 grams a days and let me know how you feel. This has brought me out of a 15 month infection with signs of healing, I feel little to no pain and I've only been taking it for 4 days! I could actually fully urinate (without restriction) for the first time in over a year. All the antibiotics etc are useless. Try the freaking D-mannose (mine has Cranactin in it too which is some cranberry extract) it has given me some hope and my right testicle doesnt hurt anymore, well at least like before. I am not cured but this is helping A LOT.
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replied July 12th, 2015
I am also taking Nitrofurantoin and Ampicillin at the same time 3x a day. Before I had never combined these, 2 months on ampicillin with mixed results, 2 months on Nitro same thing, infection still there. So I decided to mixed them both (the docotor at the VA has pretty much given me unlimited amount of refills since I've had this crap for so long, he pretty much doesn't know what more to do), things are looking better than before. It's been a week since I've been taking the comibination of the antibiotics as well as at least 5grams of dmannose a day. I'll keep you guys posted. Oh I've also been recommended to a Dr. in Ottawa Kansas, my father in law was just in town and told me about his bout with prostatitis and this was the doctor that cured him of the infection after a year or so. He is going to get me his contact info and I'll see what he has to say about all of this tomorrow. The journey continues...
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replied July 13th, 2015
A blog entry
Has anyone successfully 100% defeated this diseases?

I came across a blog with this information. Any one tried it?

Great steps to eradicate and get rid of your epididymitis

I went through a round of what was told to be an infection of Epididymitis, it was not fun.... After 3 rounds of DIFFERENT antibiotics, it did not help at all. After reading so many people online being in the same boat, not being able to get better, I decided to contribute to the cause and write down in one spot all the information and research I have gathered, and show what worked to help me. I want to keep this short and sweet. After rounds of antibiotics, which helped for a day or so... (only after the first round) I decided to try alternate ways. If you have done deep google'ing and research, you may have come across people finding effective treatments that are not man made medicine. Many herbal supplements, such as yarrow, golden seal, etc. are no joke, I tried a few of these, and some seemed to work, and with combination with a few other things, it helped and contributed to whta I would like to call "bazooka'ing" the stubborn Epididymitis infection. Since apparently, antibiotics have trouble accessing the testicular area, especially the Epididymitis, I wanted to try other substances that had no problem accessing the area. I will show names of products that you should consider ( spending just a bit of $ on fixing something so harsh should be easily done ) this will all cost no more than $50.

Please do comment on this page, to share your results, this can be a great place for sufferers a like to collaborate and share even more ideas or success stories.

You can click the supplement to link before it's description to direct you to the exact product I purchased ( mostly off ) so that you may purchase what I purchased.

Vitamin E - I read one 1 singular post online that someone had success with Viatamin E alone, apparently in a study in rats, Viatamin E reversed damage done to the testicles, particularly the epididymitis. I thought I would give this a strong round, this seemed to play a strong role in the eradication process. Be sure to use the NATURAL Viatamin E brand. I did a lot of research on the brands I chose, you may want to choose the Brands I chose for effectiveness.

Echinacea & Saw Palmetto - a must

Circumin - Anti inflammatory and powerful antioxidant derived from the spice Turmeric. This is a must when battling any inflammatory condition, or infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar - This is some powerful stuff, I don't know much about the science behind this natural drink, but it seemed to play a strong role as well. This stuff is very sour, so take a bout 2 shots of it a day! I bought mine at trader joes.

Yarrow Plant - Only tried this toward the end of the curing stage, I don't know if this played a huge role in curing the epididymitis, but it very well may have, and you should take it none the less.
IF you are skeptical about any of these measurements, well you are here for a reason, and that reason may be that the doctors were of no help. It is up to you what you are willing to do to help your self. You must self educate before you self medicate.

Doing this in combination with daily massage to the affected area, this will increase blood flow and allow these supplements to assist you easier.
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replied August 20th, 2015
It is imperial that you have chronic epidiidymitis checked and consistently monitored so it doesn't lead to more complications.

Some say it can lead to prostate or testicular cancer although the infections do not have a direct association on cancer.

For prostate cancer on the other hand, it is said that treatment should be according to the type of cancer you have, which have been found to have 5 types.
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replied September 12th, 2015
I have browsed through the posts and noticed that mostly everybody has been whining and begging for answers and nobody has got a clue. Mostly those who have been cured, they don't come back and share their success stories so that's probably why all over the internet you read about people whining and all those natural supplement stores touting their cure-all products with little or dubious testimonials by users.

I have been battling epididymitis and prostatitis for more than a decade and have taken my own fair share of antibiotics. Long story short, in 2011, I took a semen culture for the first time and it came back with Strep B in the prostate and I was given Augmentin for 14 days. Basically the Augmentin worked but recovery took 2 months and I was practically symptom-free for 2 years. Thereafter, the pain and symptoms came back 2x and the semen cultures always came back negative.

As someone has said, you need to be determined and also be your own doctor, and to be patient. If antibiotics don't work anymore, likely the bacteria has become resistant and the bacteria is actually the body's own bacteria that the immune system reacts to or there is no bacteria at all but a muscle spasm that's irritating the prostate. When the prostate inflames, it also spreads to the epidermis.

Below is the treatment that I am embarking on currently:

Quercetin that contains Bromelain 1000mg daily
Saw Palmetto 320mg daily
Magnesium Glycinate 500mg daily (at night)
Ejaculate every other day.

Suspected yeast infection
Oil of oregano 6 drops 5 times a day for 2 weeks and then reduce it to 6 drops once a day
Echinacea Goldenseal 500mg 4 times a day for 72 hours and 500mg once a day for 1 month
Vitamin C 1000mg

My observations so far are the Quercetin together with Bromelain and Saw Palmetto, they must taken together. The burning feeling in my prostate has largely subsided but the epidermis still hurts intermittently. Also Saw Palmetto, being a DHT blocker had slowed down my hair loss. The oil of oregano boosted my immunity and alleviated my asthma.

I am a heavy drinker and lover of caffeine and spicy foods so the recovery process has been slow and tedious because the supplements are processed by the liver and kidneys so on days when I drink, I avoid taking the supplements.

Anyway, my treatment method may not work for everybody, but I hope it helps somebody.
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replied February 5th, 2016
Chronic Epididymitis
I am at the end of my rope. The pain is so horrible. Everyday i wake up, when i am able to sleep and it greets me like a slap in the face. I've tried every antibiotic suggested in other posts. I’ve tried the antidepressants meds that some have mentioned, I’m on gabapentin and thus far no relief. My quality of life has diminished drastically. I’ve seen that some have had MDSC surgery with some positive results however it is a very costly procedure that some insurance companies won’t even cover. Even if they do out of pocket expenses can be over 7 thousand.

45 year old male. I believe this started for me with a urinary tract infection that i mistakenly thought might be symptoms of an enlarged prostate. I believe the infection cause nerve damage and now i am in constant pain every day for the past 4 months.
I am glad i found this forum but also saddened that so many people are suffering like i am and so little seems to be known about it and so little remedies seem to be ineffective.

I hope someone has put this behind them because i need some hope. I am afraid my wife will leave me. I am in agony at work sitting in my chair and my long commutes home are excruciating.

I am posting on several threads in the hopes of hearing from people who have had success stories. Not finding many of those and I really need some hope
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replied August 9th, 2016
selfish people
why the people who have recovered dont ome back,this is really selfish that begging for cures when suffering and when recovered not even bother to help others.i hate those type of guys.
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replied September 1st, 2016
i think the cure is ofloxacin for minimum 4 weeks,in my case .as i have many other antibiotics but this one worked well.and im almst nrml nearly as check it out and drink a lot of water with it so it will work properly.
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replied September 1st, 2016
200 mg ofloxacin 2 times a day with wobenzym 2 times a day(substitute for NSAIDS as it does not damage you as NSAIDS.
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replied September 7th, 2016
also use good vitamin supplement im my case im taking becefol tablets once a day for 2 months (contains different vitamins and folic acid),it will help faster healing with antibiotics and also boost immune system.
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replied September 8th, 2016
but take appropriate antibiotics after urine and semen bacterial culture sensitivity.if nothing shows up then go for urine and semen fungus culture and sensitivity then antifungal medcnes will be required
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replied September 8th, 2016
the best treatment is culture done then take longer term antibiotics at least for a month to completely eradicate this the area is harder to reach, but the "appropriate" is very important.So must done cultures and remembr for a good and correct culture one must have a gap of minimum 2 weeks after antibiotics if taking any.otherwise results may be false negative
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