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September 6th, 2011
read something online about acidosis causing inflamations,,they suggest trying low acidity diet..more fruits and vegetables...meat is hightly acidity...check online for alkaline foods...also black walnut powder into a tea,,or goldenseal rt,,worked for me when doctors couldnt .,.but i had to drink it alot and then tapered off when it started to heal the inflamations..of course you know of the healing properties of jethro kloss book..see online....healing with herbs for all kinds of inflamation and nerve problems will be ok soon....
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replied September 6th, 2011
herbalist jeanne rose states of a man with swollen testicles infection who was prescribed to sit in tub of certain herbs as follows:

Testicle bath.
1 qt water
half cup of comfrey and mullein leaves.
chamomile flowers
bring water to a boil pour over the herbs listed..then pour into the bath.

what do you have to lose...try it...
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replied September 15th, 2011
New Member to the Epi-Geddon club
I've been dealing w/ this issue for 6 weeks, so now I'm officially "chronic". Isnt it hell? The saying is so true, you truly dont know what youve got 'til it's gone, and one by one I'm losing it. Everything is suspect now - so I guess that I cant drink coffee, beer, eat spicy food, and I cant jerk off or have sex w/ my fiancee (we get married next month, making this all the more delightful). A fridge full of beer, a hard disk full of porn, and a ready and willing woman who is ready to please me yet I'm stuck in stasis. These are truly the darkest hours of my life, everything I've faced up to this point has been a walk in the park. I've never thought of death this much, and I'm only 38 years old.

But rather that replay the story of how and why I'm posting, i'd rather just try and chime in with what I've tried and what I'm trying. You guys know how i got here - I wouldnt be here if the antibiotics worked. My only unique factor is that I've had non-bacterial prostatitis for like 15 years. Same story w/ that, but all that it has amounted to so far is having to go to the bathroom alot and getting some split-stream. Never incapacitating pain like this.

So, my ultrasound showed a "thickened" epididymis, or swollen on the left. I'm getting no general swelling, however, just a world of pain on the left and a little bit on the right. Probably one nut getting sympathy pains for the other. Urologist is theorizing that my non-bact prostate issue is actually pelvic floor syndrome, and I'm having muscular issues since my prostate is otherwise normal. How that creates a thick epi, i dont know. Maybe the muscles inhibit the blood flow and arent allowing the swelling to go down. Maybe I'm one big ball of tension, but I've tried stretching and relaxing to no avail.

Here's what I've tried:

Turmeric - no noticeable effect other than total diuretic. I usually get up once a night, I got up 4. Freaked me out, i quit taking it.
Terazosin (generic Hytrin) - At first, things were going well. I was feeling some improvement until the medication started having adverse effects. Joint inflammation and general body inflammation to the point I was literally arthritic and couldnt operate a mouse or keyboard. What started out as relief started inflaming my epi. The painful wrists and hands was a body blow I was praying would leave, please dont take my gaming now..
Multivitamins - Big ones w/ lots of everything recommended for men. No results.
Ibuprofen - Total BS, doesnt do anything. Still using it tho, hoping it'll work some magic and also needed it for Terazosin inflammation fallout.
Hot Baths - does nothing but make my balls hang lower, thus being subject to more wobbling and total pain.
Jockstrap - sometimes it helps when I'm hanging low, other than that it hurts.

Here's what I'm going to try -
Chiropractor - I know this little chinese guy that's gotten us thru rough times before, brilliant with his hands and elbows. The pain radiates into my back, or maybe it's referred from my lower back nerves or someting. Maybe the muscles and bones are out of whack and strangling my testi. I dont know, so i'm going to him today and see what he's got to say. it's 30 bucks what the hell.
Doxazosin (cardura generic) - Going to give an alpha-blocker another shot. I'm a little nervous because "Doxa" is the only difference between it and "Tera"zosin I'm hoping I dont have the inflammation apocalypse that rendered me nigh-crippled a couple weeks ago w/ the other drug. He wanted to try Flomax, but the major side effects I just didnt want.

I'll let you guys know if anything works, I promise. Nobody should suffer this and the medical community needs to get off their asses and start thinking seriously about this thing, it amounts to complete and utter personal devastation and it needs to be taken seriously.
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replied October 11th, 2011
Hi JasonSD!

I hope that you're doing better than me with this stuff. I was in the situation you are in now...about 3 and a half years ago. And I still have this crummy thing. Of course, my life has completely changed since then. I remember all of the things I gave up. However, I still drink some coffee, still have some sex, still do some beer drinking, so it's not all bad. All of those things might flare things up a bit, but no further damage done. Just try to stay away from the really BAD pain.

I've already tried just about every herbal recommendation out there. Nothing works too well. I see an acupuncturist about once every 3 weeks. He has given me two different types of chinese herbs. I don't have them in front of me, but if you're still suffering, I'll pass them on. Besides the herbs, I'm now trying the silver water, which actually seems to be helping.

On the prescription side, I take gabapentin and percocet. I know, a lot of people look down on the narcotic, but when you have bad pain in the nut, accept no substitute! Am I addicted? Probably. But it allows me to live my life.

Other than that, try to take it easy. Walk a half an hour a day, but other than that, take it easy.

Right now, I'm in a new pain management clinic. I just started taking nerve blocks. The first one helped a little bit. The next one will be a lot more aggressive, so we'll see how it goes. I'm going to keep at this, for the max of another year. After that, bye bye epididymis. And if that don't work, bye bye testicle. I hope it doesn't end like that, but I'm certainly not planning to live the rest of my life doped up. I miss living that "care free" life I had before this. I made it to age 36 without any real medical problems. But the last 4 years: Pain.
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replied September 15th, 2011

I have not been diagnosed with prostatitis, but I have left epididymis inflamed, and the pain radiates to the abdomen.

I am 27 years old and I have this problem for 2 years. I went to several doctors and all the standard procedure, and never solve the problem.

Since it came on me, I feel like crap. I really wanted to feel like I was before, and I hope to heal myself, because I do not know if I can upload it to the rest of my life.

I am taking a vitamin called FDC, which contains zinc and am 2 weeks without ejaculating, but so far felt little improvement, but I think it's because not ejaculate. Always after ejaculation, the pain increases.

I'm from So Paulo (Brazil), and there are many men with the same problem. Searching, I found that many Italians are also the same problem and can not heal.

I'll look for another doctor and ask for Flomax, to see if it helps me to have an almost normal life, because they do not take it anymore.

Good luck to us all, and God help us ...
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replied September 16th, 2011
in my darkest hours right now, at about a 9 on the scale, woke up in agony. I cannot work, i can barely walk faster than a shuffle. I was up half the night, cannot get comfortable. I can only hope that the Cardura does something, anything for this excruciating pain. Going to talk to my urologist today, maybe he'll be nice and at least give me some valium or something. Not hopeful, he's incredibly stingy w/ the drugs.

I'm getting married next month, and this is just casting a huge dark shadow over everything. I feel like I'm losing my mind, this is tearing her up as much as me - and what can I do? I'm powerless, i can just sit here and hope it gets better. Do some yogic stretches, relax, watch my career go down the friggen tubes. Bless her heart tho, she's sticking w/ me and being strong. Helping me out, she's had to do everything around here lately. I feel horrible about that too, nothing more emasculating than having your woman have to take out the trash because you cannot.

One thing that I havent tried is ice. I've tried heat, w/ limited results, sometimes it makes it worse. I'll admit it, I'm scared of ice. I just have this feeling of foreboding like it could ramp everything up and I'll be rendered totally immobile.

This is hell, this is total darkness and pure hell on my body and soul.
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replied October 5th, 2011
Hey JasonSD,

I'm 26 years old and have been suffering from chronic epididymitis, testicular, prostate pain for just over 3 years. Mine was a slower onset but got worse and worse. My quality of life is shot for the most part and I feel helpless and misarable most of the time. I know this is making you feel much better. NOT! What I'm trying to say is, I know what your going through man.

I think you should definatly try the ice if you havn't already. Try to relax and stay positive. You might want to think about posponing your wedding, maybe move it up to a later time when you have a little more of a handle on your pain. If there is one thing I know for sure, its don't take the people who love you for granted. I lost my fiancee to this debilitating desease 2 months ago because of my constant negativity. I know its very difficult but try to stay positive and strong for both of you. Don't beat yourself up about the things you can't do right now, focus on things you can do or change for the better. I assume she is your biggest support system, make sure you let her know how much you appreciate her, not saying you don't. Just know you havn't hit rock bottem, you still have a strong women standing by your side. I hope you get some relief buddy. Hang in there.

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replied October 5th, 2011
I tried the ice shortly after that last post, and omg - it was awful. Ive heard people having success w/ the ice, but it practically put me in the hospital I was trembling so bad I thought I was going to go into convulsions. The pain was excruciating. So no more ice for me, I'm going to try warming them for a while in the shower tonight before i go to bed. The chiropractor didnt do squat either, he was also jarring my balls as he was adjusting my pelvis - almost made me come friggen unglued. 45 bucks down the tube.

The alpha-blockers didnt work, neither one did much but kill my appetite, give me a dry mouth, muscle spasms, made my joints hurt, and make me incredibly weak. Did improve the pee a little bit tho, I was pissing like a racehorse. So, as a last ditch effort I'm going totally celibate and dosing hard on the Cipro. Early on in this fiasco, there was a time when i felt markedly better and in fact thought I was cured right after a round of antibiotics. Ive got a month of Cipro lined up. Also, sex of any type, masturbation or otherwise destroys me and knocks back any progress I've made. I've even done utilitarian-style ejaculation where the bare minimum just to get things moving - still, it just kills me within hours I cannot walk and wake up in agony.

So no sex for a while, which just kills me because I'm used to getting one out a day. I'm going on a week and a half now, and every female looks like a 4 course meal but I have to be strong. A thousand porn queens are calling my name but I must resist. Blue balls doesnt help matters either, so it's best to just keep it out of my mind altogether which is a daunting task in the internet age.

Celibacy does seem to help. I'm still in pain, but I can walk and am slowly becoming more functional. That's my main goal, to be able to walk/drive/perform at work. Everything else is secondary. Seems strange to see myself typing that, just two months ago i was just another guy w/ no inkling of the horrors awaiting me. Never take anything for granted, I sure never will again.
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replied October 11th, 2011
Hi Jason,

Oops, just saw your most recent post. I'm rather new to this board.

Just a couple more things: I know you probably want to try to kill this thing with the Cipro. I did the same thing, but it is not bacterial. At least not in my case. I find that antibiotics generally cause me pain, so don't be surprised if the cipro causes more pain.

Sex is touch and go subject. If it causes you that much pain right now, try to avoid it for now. For me now, I find that 1 to 2 times a week is about right. I find now that I generally get some relief afterward for a bit. One tip: Don't force it! If it ain't there, leave it alone.

And yes, if this continues on - find a good pain clinic. Your doctor of course will want to send you to a urologist. If you find a good one, please let me know. I've been to 7 different ones and they all suck. Total waist of time. So what you need right now is pain relief. I'm talking narcotic pain relief. Others will disagree and that's fine. It's worked for me this long. I've managed to keep my life together: Still happily married, still work the same job, still have the same friends. Basically, I'm just buying time until I find a solution to this thing. If I can't find one within the next year, I turning to what I call "the final solution", which is removing body parts until it's gone for good.

Hang in there! I know it's really a nightmare - especially in the beginning, but trust me - it does get better.

I know it's really hard to do, but try not to think about the pain. Don't dwell on it, don't touch it.

Almost forgot - ice? Very bad thing. My acupuncturist is a bit of an old school Yoda of a teacher - he's taught many of the acupuncturists in the NW, and he said ice is very bad for that part of the body. Warmth is good, but try not to over do it. Wrap up good in the cold months. When it's hot out, I like to lay out in the sun as much as possible. Occasionally, I will take a really hot bath. It usually brings on pain right after, so be sure to lay down right afterward. However, I almost always feel better the next day. OK for now
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replied October 8th, 2011

I from Mxico..sorry for my english

My illness began a year ago. suddenly started, first with itch in the pubic area. First I was diagnosed with prostatitis, but the prostate was fine. After treatment with antibiotics and antiinflamantorio symptoms subsided. After something like a month and a half back. This happened a few times, until just three months ago did not give up completely and I have pain with bilateral epididymitis confirmation. According to clinical analysis, I have found microbes in the urine or semen.

I am desperate and scared of so many antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

What do you recommend?

I live in a hot and humid area (beach) and work most of the time sitting. These factors may have led to the condition?

thank you very much for your attention

Best Regards

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replied October 12th, 2011
If they found microbes in the urine, by all means take a long regiment of antibiotics. It might take 6 weeks of taking them, but it sounds like the best way to go for you. Also, eat lots of yogurt. Greek yogurt is good stuff. Might also consider taking silver colloidal water.
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replied October 21st, 2011
ok - new to the forum - hi to you all

heres my story - 1 night stand when I was 21 gave me NSU; the only casual sex i have ever had - now 39. Pain in legs/after sex/prostitis symptoms etc for 17 of those years

The last year has opened up lots more symptoms - epidimitis/testitular pain/urinary infections/back pain/nerve pain in legs/led to depression/anxiety/OCD etc

tried everything - antibiotics, herbs, pills, massage/trigger point therapy (moderately helped), silver water etc even had a cystopscopy to check my bladder

usual story - doctors dont seem to know whats causing the symptons (or dont care). I'm pretty much my own medical practitioner

what i have discovered;

Stress/anxiety is definitely linked to the percieved pain. Worrying makes it worse.

pelvic floor exercise/internal trigger point therapy can ease symtoms

antibiotics (cipro) has helped (sometimes)but its sometimes hard to tell

sex can give you a bad flare up and is best avoided if you have any type of testicular pain. AVOID PORN/masterbation

recently started taking Lyrica - (pregabalina) and it has really helped calm me down (less anxious) and has helped the nerve pain I have been getting - have a bit of a flare up of epididimitis at the moment - seeing a consultant in Nov, trying to remain positive

Diagnosed as chronic prostitis. Antibiotics, pills
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replied October 28th, 2011
Hello, I discovered this forum several months ago, but only now I've decited to take part in the discussion to share my story and to find a solution for this torment. In the beginning, I'd like to mention that since my school time (over 12 years ago) I didn't occupied myself with English, therefore I hope you will understand me.
When I was 16 years old (1996) I somehow got a prostatitis. An urologist prescribed me Nomon-Capsulas (it contains a pumpkinseed extract). I took it for several months until this illness disappeared. Besides, this urologist told me, I should better not bicycle for the rest of my life, if I want to be pain free.
Years passed, I almost forgot the whole story, since I came down with Epididymitis seven years later, in September 2003. I don't know how I received it, but I suppose, that I sat sufficient long time outside on a cold stone, while waiting. I had to take an antibiotic for maybe a week. After that I was free from the illness. Remarkable was, that during winter 03/04 the amount of the ejaculate decreased, and only very slowly reached the amount before the first appearence of this inflammation. Since then, this illness, reappeard once or twice a year, usually in the spring or autumn. I suppose this was connected to the weather (here in Germany, we often have a wet and cold weather during this seasons, maybe this caused it). When I got this malady again, I went to my urologist and he prescribed me a round of antibiotics, which completely solved the problem until the next reappearances, a year or half later. It was annoying, but I could live with that.
In March 2009 I had to face Epididymitis again. I took the antibiotic Ciclohexal“ (1 week, daily 2) but it didn't help. After that I took the antibiotic Doxcylin AL 100“ (10 days, daily 2). This cured me, but not for long. In May 2009 the inflammation reappeared, bit I got rid of it with the help of the antibiotic Tavanic“ (1 week). Also this second outbreak was cured.
Since June 2009, the third outbreak that year, I have a chronical epididymitis on the left side. I took Tavanic 500 mg“ (30 days, daily one) but this time it didn't helped me. I changed urologists, but no one could help me. Since September 2011 I also have pain on the right Epididymis. I hope it won't be also chronic on the right side. But my doctor don't recommend antibiotics. Strange is, that slowly, since several months, the growth speed of my beard decreased. Before this, I had to shave me every day, now I need to do this only after 2 days. Also I had to cut my nails after 2 weeks, now I have to cut them only after 4 weeks. Could this be connected to my Epididymitis, because otherwise I am healthy, I don't have other health problems except of this?
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replied November 13th, 2011
Hi all,

I developed chronic epididymitis about six months ago, and after a few different treatments, I managed to find a fairly simple solution - this may not work for all, but I thought it'd be worth posting just in case.

History: six months back, I woke up with a sharp pain in my left testes, the pain persisted so I went to a G.P. and was diagnosed with epididymitis, and put on antibiotics - I went through two courses, each time the pain subsided, then returned, finally I went to see a consultant and was told that I had a small cyst, and that the best treatment was to leave it to get better on its own - I was prescribed anti-inflammatories, told to take hot baths, wear supportive underwear etc.

Six months later, the pain was still there - during this time, I'd been to another consultant for a second opinion who said that there was no cyst, and hypersensitivity was the cause of the pain in the epidydimis. This pain was a mix of sharp severe pains, and more gnawing, aching pains, that came at irregular intervals, made it difficult to sleep, or sit comfortably.

Treatment: After trying various vitamins/dietary changes with no real impact, I figured that there was probably no pathological reason for the pain - that is, any infection/damage that might have caused it in the beginning would have long since healed up, so the persistant pain could possibly be nerve-related.

So I started massaging the area directly around my groin, in the crook where the upper thigh connects to the pubic area. I have a slightly tender area there from playing badminton (it puts a lot of stress on the groin area due to lunging) - I thought that perhaps a nerve had been trapped, or damaged somehow further up/along, and somehow the pain signals in this area were being transmitted further along, so that the pain was actually felt in the testes.

My mum (who's a doctor) supported this theory, saying that nerves have a tree-like structure, and by introduing input further up the trunk, you can relieve pain in the branches further down.

The sort of massage I tried was quite vigorous - I'd tried gently massaging the area during the previous six months, and that had made little impact, so this time, I used the flat palm of my hand, pressed it firmly into the flesh, and rubbed it back and forth quickly (6-7 times per second) - the firmness was important, so that instead of just rubbing the skin on the surface, I was shifting the tissue underneath when I moved my hand. I'd do this for about half a minute, or once my hand started to get tired, and I'd do it about half a dozen times a day - or whenever the pain arose.

After about three days of this, the sharp pains stopped. The dull, aching pain persisted, but at this point, after about a week or so of doing this, the dull pains have largely subsided as well (though not completely) There are still twinges now and then, but I'm about 95% better than I've been at any time during the last six months, and the pain is continuing to subside.

Like I said - not sure if this will work for anyone else, but give it a go, and see if it works. Good luck guys!
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replied November 14th, 2011
Thanks for the tip!

I have a question. I can massage the groin and the testicle that hurts too? Or just the groin?
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replied November 14th, 2011
I avoided massaging the testicle directly, I just massaged the groin/upper thigh area - sometimes the lower abdomen, depending on where it felt like the pain was originating.
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replied November 19th, 2011
Thanks for all the advice, thought I'd give an update and a thumbs up to Tolstoy - I think that he may have part of the solution in his post. I cant say fully, because i'm in the middle of a couple different things, and massage is one.

- Ok, so I went full-on Cipro for a month to no avail
- Augmentin for ten days, a hardcorest of the hardcore antibiotic. Nothing.
- finally went prednisone 40mg for ten days, no results.
- Antidepressants for a couple days, no help, if anything made me worse and very emotional
- Ibuprofen 800mg 3x/day, nothing

The only thing that helps negligably is Vicodin/Norco, basically a narcotic that dulls pain and just basically makes you not give a s*** about it for a little while.
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replied November 19th, 2011
(post continued)

This is not infectious, and I'm now believing that this is not inflammation either. Other people have posited the theory that this is 'all in the head', whether it's stress-related, tension related, whatever. It's worked for them, in any case. I came upon a website/blog, "Epididymitis Hell", in which a longtime sufferer actually found a cure.

I got both books, and I have to admit - at one point last week I was feeling almost good as new, and it was while reading the book and taking it to heart. Then I jacked off a bit, and finished the book and it came back.

His theory (Dr Sarno) boils down to this: Your unconscious mind, for whatever reason, is causing the pain in your body by reducing blood flow to the affected region causing pain due to lack of oxygenated blood. Confront your fears, confront your anger, confront what your unconcious mind is doing to you, RELAX and accept it, and the pain will subside. I'm getting back into them now, even after finishing them re-read them, just keep drilling it into your head that it can be defeated if faced for what it is.

I recommend these books, theyre dirt cheap used on amazon and youve got nothing to lose at this point if youre like me. I think the massage mentioned in Tolstoy's post is akin to the 'trigger point massage" therapy noted in another book, "a headache in the pelvis", in which the authors confront chronic pelvic pain by massaging certain muscles that have unusual tension. The bad part is, a lot of these muscles are in your rectum and a good deal of the treatment takes place where the sun dont shine. Doesnt sound fun, I'll take Tolstoy's method any day.

So dont keep taking antibiotics if they arent helping, it's not an infection and quite frankly chances are it isnt inflammation. As bad as it sounds, and as difficult as it may be for us to confront - it truly may be all in our heads. Read the books, lets see if we can do this.
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replied November 30th, 2011
I have been diagnosed from the e.r. with epididmytis and am awaiting an urologist appointment. From what i heard and what i experienced antibiotics really arent working for alot of people. So I will throw my two cents in and say that i am also worried but hopefully ill be alright.
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replied November 30th, 2011
Do yourself a favor and stay aware from scaring yourself on the internet reading stuff like this. There's a chance that chronic cases that are extended problems for people such as myself are partially due to mental factors. There's a physical component to this malady, but in due time it can take on a psychological angle that works against you as well. The first thing I did when i started this problem was hit the net and terrify myself. I dont think it helped, or is helping in my recovery.

Scaring yourself on the internet doesnt help, please heed my words of caution and wait to start trawling the net. Keep a positive attitude, you'll be fine. Come back if you need us later.
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replied December 7th, 2011
Homeopathy, woo woo herbs and for the most part chiropractors don't have any evidence to make someone think it might help so don't waste your money this whole thing is expensive enough. Its expensive and silly.

I've had it for just over 1 year, I find that regular stretches I try back, obliques and hamstring increasing in duration and depth, I avoid stretching my groin as I find it increases the inflammation help best I do this 3-4 times per day, and keeping active (compression shorts help me ALOT!)these help a lot more than anything else Ive tried. I do get a little relief taking 500mg Naproxen twice daily, Ive been through the usual cycles of anti-biotics and anti inflammatory drugs.

I have almost no pain in my testicles and almost completely in my groin, hip and thigh. My sex life is fine, although complaining to your woman about your aching groin, does sometimes kill the mood.

I read in a paper[reference to follow] that epididymitis can often damage the nerves causing (fibro)myalgia. This is annoying as the paper then goes into a debate as to whether it is body or mind so celebrex could help but it can cause dependence and is EXPENSIVE.

I find that a few beers take the edge of it, a little weed helps a lot too edibles are better if you live somewhere you can get it.

My girlfriend tells me to just try and get on with it, now to start with this drove me crazy but she is right, the pain is only there when I allow myself to think about it.

Just some general advice, if you are taking and anti inflamatory ALWAYS take it with food and always take a pro biotic yoghurt with anti biotics.

If someone has more advice please post as its miserable living with this, good luck to everyone.
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replied December 24th, 2011
I was diagnosed with CE 10 days ago. Still studying my condition
does anyone have also pain in penis? Maybe it is radiated?
i'm starting to scare even more. touching my left and right side of penis doesn't feel the same.
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replied December 26th, 2011
I'm back, and this time w/ more news. Unfortunately nothing good. I'm feeling a little better (there have been days in the past I could barely walk), but still it's there and ruining my fun and sometimes indeed my life.

I went to another urologist, and he basically prescribed one month no sex. Since the pain is always worse after sex, dont inflame it. Let it heal. Which is tough for me, I'm both newly married and love my wife, but I also love porn and am used to getting off at least once a day. So i'm going on 3 weeks now of celibate torture, w/ somewhat better results but it's nothing groundbreaking. I'm still in pain.

I've also been dosing out on steroids for the last few days, i have enough prednisone for a ten day onslaught of 40mg (20mg 2x day) that I acquired for an allergy issues a while ago. The logic is that if this is indeed inflammation, maybe that will do the trick. I know that I tried prednisone before w/ no real results, but I was also still ejaculating here and there. Again, 3 days into the Prednisone and it doesnt seem to be anything groundbreaking.

Overall, truthfully I do feel a little better. I can walk fairly comfortably, but the dull pain is always there. I cannot have sex of any type at this point, and that is the most agonizing thing that I've ever had to face in my life. I envy every man who is normal, I lust at the slightest female image or provocation. Maddening, truly maddening. I never thought my happy place, my safe haven, the comfort and joy of being a man and being fulfilled sexually would be taken from me. Everything I've ever faced before has been a walk in the park compared to this agony.

But I have to get thru this, not just for me but for my wife. I suggested Dr Sarno's work in a post above, and I think it's helped to read his theories on oxygen deprivation to parts of the body causing chronic pain. I've also gotten a personal response from Dr David Wise of the Stanford Protocol, and am considering his clinic for chronic pelvic pain. Problem is it's $4,ooo.oo and a trip to northern california for a week.

I'm going to defeat this, I have to defeat this. I want my life back!
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replied January 2nd, 2012
Chronic Epididymitis
Hey guys! I may have the solution for you. Here is my story (i'll try to be as short as possible). I am 26 now. Had prostatitis for about 7 years. After varicocelle surgery i got epididymitis which completely ruined my anyway unhappy life. I got rid of the epididymitis after about 6 month then it came back, then i got rid of it again but it came back again (true, not as intense as it was..) I suffered from epididymitis about a year and a half. Now i don't have it for about 3 month (my condition improved slowly through time, and probably this is not complete recovery because our body needs some time to heal itself but I feel great and feel the strength again and 100% believe that I will be 100% healthy!!)

Here is what I did. I used a pretty new stuff, it's called SUPOPROST (search on youtube). It is completely natural!! As it says, it's designed for prostatitis, and it was 100% effective for that in my case!! It is used rectally (you have to stick it in to your butt Smile ) I talked to the inovator and he said that it should help for epididymitis too.. It has to be used for chronic prostatitis for 30 days. I used it that long and that cleared my prostatitis but epididymitis wasn't cleared completely (but it helped a lot for that too). So I ordered more of it, 4 more boxes.. and I think now it's ok. I am still very careful what I am doing, eating, drinking.. (so, I used SUPOPROST for 30 days - 2 per day, then 30 days 1 in three days ( i waited for the new boxes) then i used about 10 days again 2 per day and then 10 days 1 per day (this period i used an anti inflamantory drug called chymoral) and after a few weeks I used the last box with chymoral too for 10 days.

!In sum, I used 11 boxes of SUPOPROST!

In the rectal area, the absorption is very high. As I mentioned it, SUPOPROST is completely natural, based mostly on propolis as far as I know.

And very important is how you think! Believe you can be healed! There is no such thing as uncureable disease or condition! I recommend a book called Joseph Murphy - The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

And one more thing, I have noticed that too much ejaculation is not good when you have this condition, try to ejaculate max. 2 or 3 times a week if you are in your 20s like me, while you have epididymitis ( i am not a doctor, this is what i have noticed, it could be wrong.. but I think that we can help each other much more then doctors can help us about epididymitis..)

I hope this will help for you guys, I know the horrors of this condition! The doctors are not taking this condition seriously while the family, friends, girlfriends are not understanding it and some of them think that you are imagining things.. I was completely down, i felt alone, i was heavily thinking about suicide... now I am much better and thinking in a different way.

The price is 25 euros for 1 box. I know for some of you this will be a lot of money. For me was a lot too, I am from Serbia, but it completely worth it. (I spent 300euros for all of that, boxes and postal costs)

Feel free to contact me if you have any question, i will answer if i can - and don't forget to contact me if you got better Smile ( it would be nice to know that I helped someone)

But the best is to talk to the inovator, you can found the contact phone numbers on youtube video in the description.

good luck! Kristijan, Serbia.
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replied January 25th, 2012
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