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October 19th, 2010
Hey everyone, I had my final ultrasound yesterday with the urologist / staff that I had mentioned was lightyears better than what I had in the past. Before I get into my update / results, I HIGHLY suggest performing searches on highly rated urologist in your area. You can use free websites to aid you such as healthgrades, etc. I am not sure if this is the norm for guys when you had your ultrasound, but the tech guy I had was just as good as my doctor. He went over all of my testicles with me, looking for any inconsistencies, and discussing what we saw with me as he and I both saw it on the screen.

Based upon what they saw on this last ultrasound, it looks like I had torsion of a testicular appendage (left side). The appendage was larger than the right and it was directly in the area that still feels a little weird and uncomfortable when touched. The urologist asked if I had specific/sharp pain to where she pointed (i.e. where it would be) back when my testicle was hurting and this definitely was the case. I also remembered that I had this issue occur right after I bought a cheap exercise bike and started exercising vigorously every day. Finally I remember getting this pain in my testicle that started to hurt more and more as I exercised - always in the same place.

Also, during the ultrasound, it was discovered that I have a small area that I will need to watch out for which could lend itself to being an eventual hernia. It's nothing major right now, just something I need to keep an eye on. Hence this may have been my pain in my abdomen. I think doing the exercises I mentioned in previous posts help keep things in order/in balance as well.

So all in all, things are starting to get better since this started to happen early January of this year. The doctor said, my weird feeling in my testicle from the torsion of that appendage will always be there as well as the slightly swollen/enlarged area around it. There really is no pain anymore, just a rememberance that it is still there and from now on I plan to exercise with a supportive cup (have been for about 5 mos.) and being smart about how I exercise - not overdoing it.
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replied October 19th, 2010
Mason - I'm very happy about your recovery.

I want to ask you - Was your pain consistent or did it come and go? Mine went away for three months, and it goes away for weeks at a time but seems to always return. I wonder if I may have a bit of torsion, or if it what I've suspected all along and my pelvic muscles are just tense?
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replied October 20th, 2010
Back when I was experiencing pain it was a sharp pain that would come and then go away after I spent some time relaxing. Whenever I exercised, strained myself, or commuted home from work (1+hrs) or doing tough chores during that time (i.e. cleaning my outside vinyl siding with a scrub brush) I would experience this pain. Finally I had to take some time off to just relax and literally do nothing which is hard for me to do. Once I relaxed for about 3 weeks along with following the exercises I described a few posts ago, I started to finally get better.

When I did experience the pain, it was always in one place. After the pain eventually subsided, it has been and will continue to always be a little weird to the touch. I really do think out of everything I did, taking some time off and doing what I mentioned above along with wearing a supportive cup (when I finally started exercising again) is what helped me. I know I also had acute epididmydis (you could feel it swollen for a very long time) probably which started as a result of the torsion of that appendage. I don't also know if it was also fungal related too but I do know 100% that it was NOT bacterial.

I can only hope this at least helps someone. I wouldn't want anyone to go through this. No one should experience pain in the genitals and the mental anguish from this was horrible.
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replied October 21st, 2010
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Mason74 and the other men here these last few days have been really really tough on me. The pain and tenderness that I'm experiencing in my genitals particularly in my right epididymus gland and testicle is a lot. Mentally this makes me feel awful everyone here knows the feeling. I'm doing the stretching that a few of you recommended everyday, I'm eating healthy (no alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods. I'm eating super healthy and drinking lots of water). Are anyone of you taking Saw Palmetto or any other supplements like vitamin C etc? I have been very down this morning and all this week because of this. I just want these horrible symptoms to go away in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Any suggestions, recommendations are very much welcome. Please any one help me
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replied October 21st, 2010
I'll list a few things that aggravate my situation and a few that helps:
Good things, increase blood flow, warm sitz bath, erection, exercise without hurting the epidydimitis.
A couple of things that have help me, nysatin, difulcan and oil of oregano, cranberry extract pills, a bit...
Bad things, sugar and certain starchy foods, greasy foods.
Now I'm meeting a infection specialist in 2 weeks, not to forget.. it dosen't mean that the infection is in the epididymitis, it could be muscle spams cause by an infection, baldder, etc.
Food for thought
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replied October 21st, 2010
So I was reading up on how to cure it naturally, or even hopping to find the cause of this.... I have found several sights that mention the consumtion of Alchol and smoking seem to go hand and hand with this. Try to cut back and drink more water and eat lean meats and stay away from fatty foods. Your body has a natural ability to heal itself. Stop putting crap into your body and try to get back to the basics
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replied October 22nd, 2010
Well guys,,,the past few weeks have been slightly rough on me because this condition came back. I was pain free for about three months, then once the pain came back just a little bit, I stressed out and made it worse.

Well, the past couple days I've taken into account what RedBaseballCap has said...the problem is the Psoas muscle. I've been stretching that muscle over the past few days and surprisingly, it has actually helped, almost immediately!

After stretching and massaging those sore spots on my body, they are all in line where the Psoas muscle is. What a relief!

Just to know my problem is simply a muscle strain makes a world of difference on my subconcious. I don't know if you guys have an infection or a muscle strain, but give it a try. Just try to treat your condition as simply a muscle strain and not get too worked up about it. Easier said than done, I know.
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replied October 22nd, 2010
Hey Guys!
I'll update my condition, no doubt there could be a million reasons why guys have pain in their testicule. THe last 2 days I've cut back on any form of sugar and even watched my intake of fruits (fructose) I've been taking cranberry extract pill along the way and today my symptoms would vary between a 2/10 to a 4/10, which is sad to say but tolerable. I'll be posting along the way in case it does make a difference....
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replied November 1st, 2010
Tip of the Day -

Stop worrying!

I had 4 months or so 100 percent pain free...until the beginning of October when it came back. Last week, I had plenty of things to occupy my time and more importantly, my mind. Then before I knew it, the pain was gone! I strongly believe it's because I gave my mind and hence my body a chance to relax and not worry about my condition.

I'm not criticizing any of your methods to get better, that's not my intention. I do, however, think if it were me, and I was worried about taking certain pills, different extracts, not eating this or that...the condition would be on my mind constantly.

That's just me,,good luck!
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replied November 1st, 2010
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DSteak and everyone else,

Relaxing is a big thing here because it helps that area a lot. I know what we all have suffered. there are days that are very tough and days where we feel better. Any other suggestions like the ones DSteak has giving us are very much appreciated. Finding the cure for this or the things to lower or ease the pain it causes are very much welcome. I have each and everyone of you in my prayers. Be positive as much as you can.
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replied November 13th, 2010
Sorry not been on for a while but I was cured partially thanks to this forum.

In trying to avoid the Epididymectomy and being made sterile, which had been recommended by a consultant at the Hospital, I managed to cure my Epididymitis through looking at any alternative solutions and this site.

The change in terms of level of pain started to take place with the first week of taking actions 1-6. It was only after starting action 7 that I became fully cured.

The main things that I did were

1) Increased water intake

2) Removed caffeine and alcohol – I now drink de caffeinated coffee and normal tea in small quantities

3) Reduced yeast intake

4) Slept with a bed rest that raised my pelvic area and legs and allowed the testicles to drain to the kidneys. At the end of the bed rest I had pillows supporting the end of my legs to keep the whle lower body raised– This was the most significant action that produced the best results in terms of pain relief. It means sleeping on your back and sounds slightly bizzare but it works.

5) Took probiotics for 1 month to help rebalance the anti-biotics that I had taken as an initial attempt to cure my Epididymitis

6) Took a month’s course of Selenium to improve the immune system

7) Took 25mg Zinc at the end of the first month which in terms of timing seems to be have the final necessary ingredient to cure rather than calm the problem.

Other helpful pain reliefs included

1) Ice pack applied directly to the area

2) Ibruproen gel applied directly to the area

I found that found out that any sexual activity made the Epididymitis return a couple of days later and was therefore best avoided.

Hope that helps you all and I wish you all the best with curing this painful disease.
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replied November 13th, 2010
That's great info, angelal9. But I learned that tea should also be avoided, or is there any particular kind of tea that's OK with this disease?
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replied November 14th, 2010
You are correct and I did so when I was in pain, now I drink 1 or 2 cups a day with no impact.

Redbush tea, Green tea, herbal or fruit teas are all good alternatives.
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replied December 20th, 2010
i'll beat this
Hey guys, i also have epididymitis and it's been over 4 years now. mine was caused by trauma, so there's no bacteria/infection whatsoever.

i'm getting the pain in my testicles. sometimes in left sometimes in right, hip, thigh, knee, lower back and sometimes abdominal area. i'm also getting inflammation in both testicles and thigh, sometimes in knee joint. (btw, my right thigh right now feels like stabbed by a knife and my testicles are hot)

the only cure of the day is sleeping. after waking up it feels like nothing, no pain at all, i still remember when i first got this it was hurt like hell, now it feels normal because that's what i'm feeling daily. in fact, when there's no pain at all, it feels weird. btw, from my experience, wearing jock strap helps a lot. it reduces the pain a lot.

i've been avoiding a lot of food so far. including tea. tea makes it worse, just want to answer the question posted by a member in previous page. i used to drink green and red tea and my epididymitis got worse.

i'll try to cure myself and people who have the same problem. whatever happens, i'll not give up and this misfortune will go away whatsoever. i'll do whatever necessary, whatever it takes to get this gone.
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replied December 27th, 2010
Chronic Epididymitis
I am 34yrs old, physically active, and have a healthy diet; minus a few vices that I plan to try deleting from my lifestyle.

I can relate to what all of you are going through... the pain and mental stress and anxiety has caused me a lot of unnecessary depression and alienation over the past two years. Yeah, I've had it that long. This issue even effects my sleep, and I am beginning to deduce that my lack of quality rest has me so worn down that my body is fighting for the strength to get rid of this effing thing once and for all. I have been to the urologist several times and gone on numerous periods of antibiotics and they didn't help.

Being that I don't have insurance, I have been doing a once daily aqua-therapy (hot soaks 25-30min.) which has been easing the inflammation. I work from home and am designing at my computer all day, and have found that icing it helps to dull the pain while I work.

I plan to take a new approach after reading some of the posts above: quit smoking (I smoke if I drink), cut out caffeine and alcohol. Don't bother wasting your money on expensive treatments like Didmorax... they don't work!

I will post my results to this regimen in a month or so... Thanks for your suggestions.
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replied December 29th, 2010
just a little tip
Me too, work from home, from internet because i can't go out. Guys, what i found good to reduce the inflammation is omega 3. Try to eat egg yolk or fish, omega 3 will reduce the inflammation because it inhibits the inflammation chemicals, although it will not remove the source of inflammation, but it will help a little.
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replied January 25th, 2011
I feel your pain, I have a litle spermatocele on my left epdmidium, and general disconfort, lower abdominal itching, testicle on groing area and internal rectum, hard to start up an erection (when stand up), and general disconfort(panic atacks, depression etc...) all start on a clhamydia/gonorrea infection bad treated....

I got alot of antibiotic, tons, DMSO, prostate injecftion, brocolis juice, evrething imaginable, when to doctors too...alot of thing made me better for 1 or 2 days....

But something makes me realy good its VIAGRA or CIALIS, so I think is something related with veins and pelic relaxing...

Then last week I did something that made me good:

-master cleanse for 5 days , its a diet to clean your body from antibiotics etc, you only drink lemonade with maple syrup for 10 days (i did for 5 but was ok for me)

-After that alot I took alot of probiotics due the antibiotic abuse I did on the past(the probiotics have anti inflamatory proprities, and alot of others ones... are under rated by doctors)

-Took the alpha-bloker flomax at night to relax the pelvic area, got realy better next day!

-Took IODADE POTASSIUM SYRUP(used on colds) to try to dissolve the spermatocele cyst(I was desesperetade lol), and kill patogenes, and I discoverd I had some hypothyroidism, because when I took iodade potassium syrup(it has some proprities activing the thyrioid) I was eletric like taking cocaine...antibiotic and no good bacteria on your gut can shut down the thyrioid...

-On second day the things werent so good like the first, so I took 20mg viagra (litle dose)(i think is something related to vein inflamation dont now realy...I already did a varicocele operation)

-Now on third day, Im like new no pains etc....totaly realaxed 80% new man

Im not trying to masturbate or have sex this days...I had really alot of masturbation because used to relax my pelvic area and i felt better for few hours....but maybe was injury mee, and maybe the fella down there need some vacations to heal...

This will cure me? Dont know....maybe when I stop with this 1 month latter I will be like crap...but hope not


sorry for my english
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replied January 25th, 2011
Hey Fellas. This thread is turning out to be really helpful. Thanks to everyone who is sharing. I'd like to share my own experience which I'm still right in the middle of, mostly to see if my symptoms etc are typical or if my doctors are barking up the wrong tree. Sorry for the long post, I'll try to be concise...

About 8 or 9 months ago I felt a slight heaviness in the right testicle, with very slight pain when walking. These feelings seemed to directly coincide with a tightness/pain just to the right of my belly button. Felt like a knot of tightness with some mild pain radiating downward toward my testicle. I probably should have seen a doctor immediately but I assumed it was just some kind of a muscle pull, and was too preoccupied with preparing for my wedding. As far as I recall, the feeling went away on its own, or at least didn't progress far enough to prompt me to visit a doctor. I got married in October 2010 and spent 3 weeks doing a ton of hiking, walking and feeling physically great on my honeymoon. Plenty of sex, no issues with it.

Sometime over the past few months the heaviness returned to a much greater degree, along with a fair amount of pain. Again, the knot of pain/tightness near the navel with testicle pain (especially when my right foot hits the ground), frequent urinating, some burning while urinating and some difficulty getting started with a pee. And most recently now it's presented a lot of discomfort in the lower back and inguinal area. Oh, and my right testicle is swollen up to about one and a half times its normal size and is hanging MUCH lower than the left, which was never the case before. When I suck my stomach muscles up only the left one moves and the right one just hangs there. It all actually started to make me feel ill so I knew it was more than a muscle pull so I made an appointment with a very highly rated GP/Gastro doc here in New York City.

During my visit he gave me a physical examination which he pretty quickly established as epiditimytis, due to the shrieks of pain it caused me when he touched them. He seemed pretty confident that this was what we were dealing with and took blood, urine and ordered an ultrasound. He prescribed me 10 days of Levaquin 500mg. Blood and urine tests came back the next day all normal. Had my ultrasound a day later which revealed no abnormalities. The pain and swelling seemed to be getting much better after a day or two, but by the third day my entire body was in severe pain and was having all sorts of tendon problems as a reaction of the Levaquin so he switched my to Doxycycline for 10 days.

So I spent a week in all sorts of new pain from the Levaquin poisoning, felt I could rupture my achilies tendon just walking to the bathroom. Not fun, and I'm so thankful that it seems to have left me in one piece, many are not so lucky after Cipro/Levaquin. ANYWAY, while I'm in pain everywhere else, the balls were actually feeling pretty good. The pain was gone, and the swelling looked much better. And, which I find particularly interesting, my stomach felt better than it has in ages. I typically have a pretty irritable bowel. Frequent diarrhea, constipation, trouble going, stopping too early. All sorts of stuff. I have gluten intolerance (Celiac Disease) and have been gluten free for almost 10 years now - but always have some IBS symptoms. Anyway, I was now feeling like the epiditimystis was the least of my worries and I was more focused on trying to get the Levaquin out of my system. I even spent $40 on an ebook and a bunch of supplements to help detoxify myself from it.

Anyway after seven days of the new antibiotic and the tendon issues seeming to get a bit better, I woke up with the knot pain near my navel again, the tight muscle feeling running down and all of the testicle pain, back pain, pelvic pain and swelling were back full force. In fact, they might even feel a bit worse. I even had some bowel issues that day. The only thing I can think of that I did differently the night before waking up like this was that I ate very spicy Indian food for dinner and had a cup of coffee after. It was my Friday night treat with the wife after 10 days of eating nothing but raw spinach, vegetables and black beans for dinner. Not sure if it's even related but I thought it was worth mentioning.

So yesterday I saw one of the top Urologists in Manhattan and he gave me a physical exam, which hurt like hell just like the first one. He performed a prostate exam and while there was definitely some discomfort (I did have a finger and a giant probe up my butt!) but he determined that my prostate was fine and felt it was indeed epiditimytis. He prescribed another 2 weeks of Doxycycline, with 3 refills so that I could determine on my own when I was feeling better. This was yesterday.

So now I'm just more confused than ever. Some key things for me that I'd love any of your opinions on...

- FIRST PHYSICAL EXAM: When he was examining my abdomen he pushed pretty deep on that knot area near my navel and it hurt quite a bit.

- DURING TREATMENT: My epiditimytis symptoms all but disappeared for a few days. 3 days of Levaquin, followed by Doxy. In between Doxy doses I was taking chelated Magnesium, vitamin D3, fish oil and multis in an attempt to stave off the Levaquin toxicity. I've since stopped for fear that they might interfere with the antibiotics. My stomach and usual gastro problems subsided greatly.


I've felt muscle/discomfort issues in my prostate area for a long time. After ejaculation, urinating would be kind of painful or difficult. Have had a bit of trouble getting urination started, along with a tendency to stop in the middle. During moving my bowels I've have had issued with stopping in the middle, thin stools, having to push a bit too hard. These symptoms disappeared during the few days I was feeling better as well.

The knot area in my stomach seems to coincide with the testicular symptoms, as does irritable bowel symptoms. *This isn't really a "knot" that I can physically feel with my hand. It's just a point of pain and that's the best way I can describe it.

I'm not too worried about taking antibiotics as I eat fat free organic greek yogurt with active cultures literally every single day with breakfast, but now I'm eating them in the middle of the day to avoid antibiotic interaction.

I've not had any caffeine or alcohol, except for the one night before the symptoms all came back. Related?

When the testicular symptoms were feeling better I was also in the middle of the Levaquin fight, and basically couldn't walk. Very little physical movement or activity. Also taking a bunch of supplements. Related?

Several years ago I had a yeast infection on my penis. My wife (girlfriend at the time) had a yeast infection and I was on antibiotics for strep and we had sex and then I fell asleep with a wet bathing suit on. Cleared right up with topicals. Probably totally unrelated but just mentioning it since I'm reading yeast possibilities. Nothing like that since though.

I have a herniated/degenerated disc in my spine on the lower right side. L3 lumbar is a mess. Have had back/dead leg issues in the past but not in a long time.

I work at a stand-up desk to help my back and core, and switch to sitting for rests.

I eat gluten-free and mostly pretty healthy and organic foods.

I normally smoke 3 cigarettes per day, one after each meal. When I was laid up with Levaquin pains I was smoking 0 or 1 per day.


Is one really low hanging testicle typical with epiditimytis? When I stand up straight my stomach muscles naturally contract some, which raises the testicles up a bit. Only the right one doesn't raise at all. Reaction to cold etc is normal and it contracts upward with reflex as normal. Can this hanging testicle just be due to the extra weight and weakness from the swelling or infection?

Should I be concerned with fertility? We have been trying to conceive for 3 months now with no luck. My wife had a pelvic exam today just to be safe in case we are passing a bacterial infection back and forth but I don't have much reason to believe this is the issue. The doctor gave me a referral for a sperm analysis with an open date on it anyway.

With normal blood and urine results, and a normal prostate exam, should I be looking outside the realm of bacterial infection? The muscular topic interests me, considering my lower back and gastro issues.

Any feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated. As you can see, dealing with two problems at the same time makes it really difficult to get a clear handle on what's working and what isn't. Thanks again for any help.

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replied February 3rd, 2011
Hey Guys,

Same experience as you all have. I'm 36 years old. Having pain behind my left testicles for the last 6 months. The pain radiates to my base and whole of left penis, from left groin all the way down to left foot.

I don't have any STD, all those reports are negative. My urine and semen culture also came back without any growth.

I had my scrotal ultra sound taken recently, which is showing mild swelling my left epididymitis (though there is no visible swelling seen from outside) with little hydrocoele, and inguinal adenopathy.

My urologist prescribed me Doxycycline for 10 days. I don't see much improvement in the pain. I can only see my leg pain is reduced a little.

My scrotal pain is worse in the morning, especially when the temperature is very low. I guess it is due to the contraction of testicles which moves upward and becomes tight to the groin and lower abdomen. As the day progresses, and when the temperature comes down, my testicles starts hanging which gives me little relief. However whenever I sit in a cushion chair, and when my testicles touches it, the pain is really horrible.

My questions -

1. Why the cold weather affecting so much on my genitals. How can I overcome this and make my testicles loose and hanging as how I have in the afternoon or evening?

2. I had taken Cipro, Livofloxin, etc in the past. Now I really have no idea whether the current Doxycycline has any effect on my body. Will our body absorb these antibiotics only after we complete taking it for all the days prescribed by the doctor?

3. My pain is more like pulsing. If I touch behind my left testicle, I can feel the pulse. Do you experience such a pain?

4. I ate lot of chocolates and drank coffee with milk as well while taking medication. Can this have any impact on the Doxy medication I took?

5. Though my pain started only 6 months back, I started noticing 50% ejaculation for the last 2 years, but during those days, ie, before 6 months, I never had these pains. Can anyone confirm whether Epididymitis is as asymptotic, sleeping silently in me before the 6 months which in turn caused less ejaculation?

6. Can I masturbate during Doxycycline medication? My urologist said yes, however when I did for couple of days, I had severe pain in my lower abdomen (behind pubic bone) and that too with less ejaculation.

7. Do we need complete bed rest while having this acute pain? Can we drive and do other activities? They hurt me a lot.
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replied February 9th, 2011
There are alot of questions here - so I might try and consolidate some of them when going over some of the experiences I had.

First take the time to read through each of the posts here. Not everyone's take or experience is 100% the same. So what may work for some people might not work for all.

- About the caffein thing - I know from personal experiences as well as from what I read through some of the posts within this forum that taking caffeine greatly irritated my epididymitis. As you know when things get irritated, the chances of your condition healing sooner rather than later diminishes.

- Masterbating/Sex - Again from my experiences as well as others, this is a big no-no. While people can tell you it is ok, you are putting stress in that area when in fact you are trying to do the opposite. I found that when I had sex / masterbated too early, I would relapse and would have to start self med'ing all over again.

- Pain in other areas (besides testicles) - I can't speak for everyone else but from my experience my lower abdomen hurt as well as inner thigh. Come to find out during this time I also had a very small inginual hernia. This made it look like (via the discomfort) that it was directly related to my epididymitis. Once I learned how to stretch that out and take care of it (didn't need to operate), that went away. Refer to various pelvic stretches in other posts for what some of us did).

- Clearing this up. Unfortunately as you may be finding out this is a complicated disorder that many physicians subscribe meds for without really evaluating with the patient as thorough as they should. If you are taking meds such as antibiotics longer than 2 mos this could potentially wreak havoc on your immune system. I know for me I got off of the antibiotics and started eating better and doing various pelvic exercises. For me after about 3 months of eating right, doing my pelvic exercises and not doing strenuous activity I got much better. Also when I started doing strenuous exercises to get back in shape again (like ride a bike) I started using a support cup. For the rest you will need to check the various other posts I made. Also as a disclaimer I in know way claim this will get you better, I am just telling you what I did to get myself back to near where I was before I had that happen to me.

Whereas on a scale of 1-10 in pain with 10 being the highest I would say my pain was about 7-8. After my self med'ing I am at about a 1-2. For me it never will go away (unless I cut an appendage off my testicle - which is what caused this). So I am fine with where I am now - I am keeping both family jewels in place if I can!
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