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What Can I Do to Stop Being Depressed?

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I am always depressed. My happiness comes from me being around certain people and if i'm not around them i'm depressed. Why? What can I do to make my happiness come from someone not human?
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First Helper Tk101

replied October 30th, 2004
Well you can try the internet help others make new friends more you stick on internet less you will get depressed from humans.
I think u will less rely on human then anyway but this isnot solution.Maybe doctor can help.
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replied November 5th, 2004
Active User, very eHealthy
You need to find something that you enjoy doing by yourself. I think what the problem is, is that you're relying on other people for your own happiness. I had the same problem for a while. You just need to look inside yourself and find reasons to be happy. To get over it when I was going through it, I simply sat down and thought about the reasons behind me not being happy and couldn't really find a good reason, so I just became free spirited and took things as they came. I lived each moment as it came and didn't worry about what the future would bring, or the next second would bring or any of that. I just lived and was happy because I could be. You'll notice that people will be drawn to you when you're happier too.
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replied November 18th, 2004
You might be depressed. Perhaps you feel lonely when you aren't with these people. That's not normal to feel that way. I think you should seek help.
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replied April 12th, 2009
I feel the same way as the author...i have been this way for most of my life. I can't remeber a time where i have been more than a few days of just being happy...its like my norm is to be mildly depressed or something. I eventually started to date and discovered that certian people that i have dated i have become attached to them in a way where i'm not depressed when i am around them. I feel happy and its like being on a vacation at times.Their presences is very soothing to me and i am at ease. I dont like this kind of living. i would rather much make myself happy but the only thing that seems to work is to either be around them or if i am in love with the person, to think/fantasize about them to escape from the depression. It has became so bad that i cant focus in school. I was an academic honor student and entered college and now i am a mediocre student with 2.5 GPA. it's important i overcome this soon. I grow tired of this way of living. Its very exhausting and laced with heavy emotions. I thought maybe there is a chemical imbalance in my brain but i can't afford to go to a doctor..perhaps there are some natural ways/supplements that can this point anything would be good.
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replied November 29th, 2009
the answer to depression
Depression 11/29/09

� Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.� I feel this statement is wrong. It is wrong because when your suffering from severe depression your allowing it to take over your life which distants you from the people you love because of the way you feel. I will no longer be a victim of depression. I will go out tomorrow & find that job that awaits for me to knock on their door. I will wake up with a smile on my face, plenty of energy, and ready to hit the gym hard. I will come home & get ready. I will look flawless, I will feel confident, and I will put myself out there even if its taking risk at rejection. I will not fear rejection. I will use to fear of rejection to empower me. This empowerment will drive me closer and closer to my ideal job until I land it.

Depression affects peoples eating habits. I will no longer allow my depression to affect what I eat. I will eat what I want in order to lose the weight I�m on a roll to losing. I will not give depression the power to make me fat or skinny. I will take my eating habits into my own hands in a healthy manner.

Depression affects peoples energy level. I will no longer let you take my energy from me. My energy is my energy. I will use this energy in any way I want. If I want to work out like crazy, I will work out like crazy once again blocking you from getting in my way. It�s a no win situation for you depression. I will get my body back where I want it and you can�t and won�t stop me. I am taking you and disposing of you as we speak.

Depression affects peoples sleeping habits. You will no longer be able to control my sleeping pattern. I will start getting up early as 7 to get up everyday to work out. You can no longer allow me to oversleep. You will no longer send me to bed at 8 o clock. Because I am sending you out the front door. You will never return again as long as I live. I don�t know how I allowed you in my life in the first place because all you do is destruct peoples lives. So now I will watch you go out my front door and never return again. I do not feel sorry. Now walk to the door, and I will shut the door behind you.
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replied November 30th, 2009
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I think you should love your human relationships. These are valuable. We are all human, and so it is natural for us to want to associate with humans. It wouldn't hurt to bring God into the picture. But not as a sole thing of love. Humans will keep you grounded. Go to church, with other people. Sometimes the real test is tolerance of other people. Sometimes we think we are so good, myself included, that we can't be loved or love other people. Try going to school, it is probably hard, but how can you switch it around and enjoy it? Accepting yourself can really make you happy. I think it will make you want to succeed too.
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