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Eating chocolate during pregnancy

Hello everybody, I was just wondering if it's dangerous during the pregnancy to eat a lot of chocolate? I pretty much love chocolate and eat it almost every day ( not in big sizes, but bites) is this bad for my baby? Embarassed I am 6 months pregnant now....

Thanks oana23 Confused
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replied October 11th, 2003
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Hi oana,

lol, i'm sure that will be fine, lets face it, how many pregnant women do you know that don't like getting stuck into a bit of chocolate ? I eat chocolate each day or when I can get hold of it and i'm 9 weeks. I have certainly never had any weight problems so that's not an issue, but at the same time I don't eat a whole block by myself or anything but i'm sure not worried about indulging in a few chockies every now and then. So all I can say is 'enjoy'.

Take care,

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replied October 19th, 2003
Thanks For Telling
Thank you so much .... Embarassed a lot of people telling me a lot of things and I got confused .

Thanks oana23
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