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Shaken Baby Syndrome= Long Term Myopia?

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Okay, this requires a few pieces of background info, so I shall give those randomly:

*a child was abused and shaken frequently until about two-three years old.
*when the child was in second grade, she was diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness).

I was researching some pathology the other day and I came across an image of a hemorraghed retina caused by shaken baby syndrome. I also know that the retina is responsible for the degree of sight a being has and has the ultimate result of things like myopia.

So, my question(s) would be:

1) is it possible for the child listed above to have this myopia (even seventeen years later) and be legally blind as an effect of shaken baby syndrome? (baby was shaken- retina was damaged- sight was affected?)

2) would an ophthalmologist be able to see the results of the hemorraghing (scar tissue?) that many years later and be able to determine if that could have been the actual cause?

3) would an ophthalmologist see that hemorrhaging when the child was younger and "miss" it, or just scan over it as it was something completely unimportant and irrelevant?

Thanks so much!
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