My boyfriend and I have been dating for seven or eight months now. The relationship seems to be going along really well. It has been quite intense. Very romantic and I have to say very fulfilling. We spend the night together every night. (the sex life has been great.)

however this week he has been uninterested in sex. Though, he's still very cuddly and affectionate, he seems to have lost his sex drive. This has been the case for a bit over a week now. He is able to articulate that it isn't me. He has said that he doens't know what the problem is, but goes on to explain that he is under a great deal of stress at the moment (which is certainly true) and that in the past he has experinced a loss of interest when he's been under significant pressures.

He also offers that his loss of interest is not focused on me, but rather that he's not experincing any sexual fantasy or desire at all.

Despite his reassurances i'm still very uneasy with this development. Our sex life had been quite active, and though i'm reasonably content to wait this "dry spell" out (i'm crazy about him.). I'm concerned that it might be indicative of larger emerging problems within our relationship. (i'm also concerned that I may just be reading too much into it. Lol.)

any thoughts out there would be appreciated.
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