Hey all. I'm currently losing weight (woo-hoo!) with diet and excercise. Turns out nothing else works, you know, kinda like every doc tells ya. :d anyway, my problem is that i've been overweight a long time. Since I was maybe 12 i've had issues. Because of this my breasts sag terribily. I'm only 21 and this is something i'd like to fix. Is there an exercise that will lift them, or do I need to resort to surgery? Oh, dunno if this matters, they are dd.
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replied October 26th, 2004
Let me know if you find an answer i'm going through the exact same thing and i'm 20
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replied November 6th, 2004
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Any chest/arm exercises.. Pull ups, push ups, bench press, butterfly. Etc

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replied January 29th, 2005
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First, i'd like to say congratulations on your weight loss. Keep at it!

To actually firm / fill out your breasts there is not much you can do other then prohormones which will fill them out. More specifically, estrogen and progesterone which is normally secreted by the ovaries and the placenta will increase the development of your milk-secreting glands (which are in your breast tissue). In effect, it's the same thing which happens when you get pregnant. The developed glands will fill out your breasts. This is why birth control pills can increase breast size and firmness---you are tricking your body into believing it is pregnant for a short period of time, which triggers the queue to begin developing more estrogen and progesterone. Prohormones will be a constant development and will help much more than birth control pills would.

Your other option is to remove the fatty tissue behind your breasts. Cardiovascular exercise is one way of doing this. Also body cream with aminophylline has been been proven to reduce the fatty tissue in your breasts as well. An inexpensive alternative.. It will help, but it won't turn you into pamela anderson. Exercise with weights will help a bit, but again...Not drastically.

Your final ditch effort is to increase your protein intake. Protein plays a leading role in the creation of callogen.

Remember to cocoa butter and vitamin e your breasts daily to avoid stretch marks while you're losing weight.

Hope this helps,
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replied March 18th, 2005
Wow, thanks for the in depth answer! Sorry i've just now gotten back to the forums.

So, basically, a little bit of everything would be a good start. I have actually noticed a difference in their firmness from working out.

I don't need to be pamela anderson. To be honest, it's a comfort issue. I've considered having the goofy things reduced, but surgery is expensive.

I'll keep this up for now. It's showing a little change, anyway.
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replied November 7th, 2005
Ladies i'm 35 years old.My breast sag. The only solution to our problem is a breast lift. And that close alot of money.I would suggest a very good bra to lift your breast.
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