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i just found these forums, and they are really great. I am here to tell you about the forums I created. I am a doctor and have 2 family members that have been affected by cancer: leukemia and prostate cancer. I will be specializing in hematology and oncology, and from personal experiences with my family I found that we do a poor job at answering questions. So I decided to create these forums, that you can post and view without even registering. I have a few colleagues that are participating as well, and we try to answer questions as best as we can. This is completely voluntary and not-for-profit.

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replied October 25th, 2004
Lung Cancer And Firefighting
Hi if anyone has any information on the effects of fierfighting and lung cancer please let me know. My husband a non smoker died 2 years ago of lung cancer after being a firefighter for 24 years legally this could mean alot to me since connecticut does not have a presumptive cancer law. I know his job killed him but I can not prove it help please
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