I'm a 21 year old female and since I started my job as a vet tech I have gained about fifteen pounds. I'm not overweight, but i'm also not as lean as I was because the long hours and hard work often leave me unable to exercise as much as I did. In late may I bought a bottle of *metabolife ultra* and began using it with a healthy diet and exercise (weights and stomach crunches, mainly) in order to lose weight. I lost twelve pounds and after twelve weeks I stopped using the pills. I only took two pills a day (less than half the reccomended dose on the bottle) and I never ate or drank anything with caffeine in it at the time. At the time I was taking the pills I never experienced any of the symptoms listed on the bottle (i.E. Nervouseness, rapid heartbeat, ect.). I was careful to watch for it because I knew that *metabolife* contains ephedra and that it can be bad for your heart if not used correctly. Things went along normally after that for several weeks, and I thought nothing of it. Until ten days ago, that is.

Early last week I was at work and I noticed my heartbeat seemed a little rapid. Since it was a busy day and my job can be stressful, I thought nothing of it. But within the next couple of days my heartrate stayed consistently at about 125-135 and occasionally it would "flipflop", or thump out of rhythm against my chest. On friday, my mother, who is a nurse, called my doctor and he suggested I come in for an ekg and bloodwork because he says *metabolife* has been known to cause hyperthyroidism and heart problems even when taken at or below the reccomended dosage. I am still waiting for him to call me back with the results.

My question is this: has anyone else had or heard of this kind of delayed reaction to ephedra? My heart seemed perfectly ordinary for two months after discontinuing use of the product and I never had any symptoms even while I was on it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry to be so yappy but i'm very nervous and I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Thanks.
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replied April 8th, 2008
Somatoform disorder
I believe that you didn't experience any delayed reaction to Efedra because it makes no sense.

According to your age (21), obsession with the heart, tachycardia, stressful job etc. you could be experiencing a somatoform disorder. It is a type of anxiety disorder typical for young persons, where anxiety is manifested with symptoms that can be found in real organic disorders.

Can you give me some medical data about you: previous medical investigations, family related illnesses, medicines you've taken...?
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