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1st Time Pregnant, Need Advise!

Hi there,

this is my first pregnancy (8 weeks). I am feeling anxious & happy too.
Here are some of my concerns :
1. Can anyone refer me for some info of 'do' & 'don't' during pregnancy?
2. When should I start go for check up? I didn't go for doctor since I am sure I am pregnant, I only take some acid folic.
3. This morning I was fall down from stairs (not very serious), only my leg is slightly injured. Should I go for doc for check up ? Sad
4. Is 5 months pregnancy will have obvious physical change on body? Can someone notice if I was pregnant 5 months?

I am seriously seeking for some advise & help.
Thanks in advance. Wink
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replied October 18th, 2004
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Ok for one, yes you need to go to the doctor so he can check the baby make sure its okay and healthy also to tell you exactly how far along you are. So you should make an appointment asap!! Also tell the doc about your fall to make sure everything will be ok, and try to be more careful. Some do's and don'ts, dont drink anything with caffiene in it (coffee, sodas, any type of energetic drink or pills), if you happen to get sick do not try to treat with over the counter medicines most are not healthy for your baby, instead inform the doctor if you have any illnesses at all. Go to the store and buy some prenatal pills if you havent already, your baby needs a good source of vitamins and can get them from prenatal vitamins if you are not eating enough to give it what it needs. Try to eat healthy foods, you need a lot of calcium so drink a lot of milk or add more dairy to your diet. Also I dont think you are five months pregnant quite yet, if you are 8 weeks then you are only 2 months, and your belly wont start to show until about 4 or 4 1/2 months. Other than that just try to get a lot of rest and drink plenty of water, if you get sick in the mornings try for saltine crackers. Oh and congratulations!!
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