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a Product That Might Work For Acne?!?

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Hey peoples,

i think I found something that might work. I dont know if you heard of this but clearasil has a cream that works. The product is clearasil ultra acne vanishing cream. Its where it will clear your skin within 3 days. It has 10% of that b. Peroxid(sp?) in it. (sorry if spelling is bad). I had picked it up and I thought maybe, just maybe it will work. And it has, my acne has gone down and its barely noticeable. Its not like a cream that will treat overnight but it does work. I started with it 3 times a day and after the 1st time of using it, I have been using it 4 times a day.

Oh, and if you are thinking of using nature's cure. Dont use it. For me it made it worse. I never got acne on my jawline and after using it, it was bad. So its a product that I do not recommend. But I do recommend is clearasil ultra acne vanishing cream. The cost is around 10 dollars. But I think its a product that might help me and maybe you! Try it! And let me know what ya think of it, aight?!? Lol


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