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The more I walk the weaker my legs get. Then my knees want to buckle under.By this time my arms are getting weak.Ten i'mweak all over. I ait down and rest a few mins try again some days it's not there or just a little.
My limbs get to wear I can't hardly use them. But rest seems to help/
,in the mornig i'm fine. I fall a lot outside. I live in the hills,some times I go to far,
all started last nov. Just now has gotten bad
i had a mri but was told it's ok'
any ideas what this could be.
Know pain except in lower back.
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First Helper grailroad

replied February 9th, 2006
Weak Legs, Etc.
Hello, you are probably suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Caused by a number of things but possibly a light stroke, smoking, diabetes or damage to the nerves in the legs.
I am no doctor, and certainly don't claim to be one but I am 82 yrs. Old with a great deal of experience in many things in life and have learned much. Only a real !**@! can live that long and not retain a vast knowledge of many things, including medicine.
Besides, I have a severe case of restless legs syndrome and have taken every kind of medication available for this disease, and am now on requip (3 mg. Daily) which I wonder if it is doing anything for me, except depleating my bank real fast. I also have had a light stroke and have peripheral neuropothy which causes very tired legs and instability in walking. Can anyone give me suggestions about rls? Les
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replied March 27th, 2011
You have nothing to lose by trying this suggestion. Put a fresh bar of soap at the foot of your bed. Under the sheet so it stays put. Several people I know have had some success with this.
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replied December 20th, 2009
for rls the doc gave my husband something, Im sorry dont remember the name of it, but it was usually prescribed for seizures, and it helped him to overcome it completely. He no longer takes it or has rls.
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replied December 2nd, 2012
left leg
actually im having legs problem ?
where my left leg doesn't touch the ground when i walk n there is no balancing in my walking...........
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