Hi, im writing because I am in need for some advice. I am 23 years old and in school to become a doctor (ya I should of known better). I have had a eating disorder for about 3.5 years, I believe it started when one of my guys friends started teasing me ( I am really not sure). Well it began when I started on the atkins diet (bad idea). I began to overexcericise with the fear of gaining weight. Well 3.5 years into it and I need help. My worst fear is gaining weight if I begin to eat healthy again, I dont know what to do. I want to get cousling help, but I cant I dont have the money for it.

If anyone has any advice or have been in a similar situation please help.

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replied October 27th, 2004
I have a minor eating disorder. You say that you attend school? Look for a counseling service there. If not, ask everyone you know--do not be embarrassed. You need to get some help especially since you have been suffering for 3.5 yrs! Have you told your family and close friends? They would probably be your first best source.
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replied November 6th, 2004
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I agree with the above - especially re using the resources available at your school - counselling etc - also many people with eating disorders have emotional issues, lack of self-esteem etc - so often find support groups/group therapy etc of help in these areas & that flows on to help with the eating disorder.

There's also alot of information on the web - (google etc) & you might find a free e- book>

good luck
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replied November 24th, 2009
I am a 18 year old student from London, I have been reading a book called 'Wasted' by Marya Hornbacher...it made me realise that my eating habits (or lack of) are a development towards anorexia. Despite this realisation I still continue not to eat.
My diet consists of toast in the morning and nothing for the rest of the day (sometimes nothing at all), if i eat dinner I feel fat and DO NOT want to eat, which leads me to consider being voluntarily sick, but I have a fear of Bulimia as I was bulimic at 14, for a good year. I drink coffee non-stop and I smoke a lot. I distract myself from eating, I'm scared to fall into this habit any further, even though I can see it in me, I guess I ignore it.

There are many theories of anorexia, such as maintaining a control which you may lack elsewhere, taking control of something in your life. Although, I don't see how this relates to me.
I have always had an issue with my weight, as do many others', but i am obsessed due to my insecurities, I think. I'm scared that my boyfriend no longer finds me attractive - so I decide to starve a little - and that people may see me in a different light if I am thinner i.e more attractive.
Earlier this year I had an abortion at almost 6 months pregnancy, I have been losing weight ever since, but i am losing MORE and MORE, which was not the initial plan. I am at the smallest size I have been, my friends and family have already referred to my drastic weight-loss over the past few months. I think that my habit has developed as an emotional consequence of the loss of my child.
Is sorrow really something that can trigger such a 'disorder'? What can I do before I go too far??
I cannot stand counsellors, I do not want that sort of help, I want to find an alternative...someway to help myself.
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