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Surprised I found a way to get the doctors to write the pain medicine that I so desperately need. It happened by chance but started like this:
i was at a doctor for the third time being treated for my pain from three herniations and fibromyalgia. As usual the doctor refuses my narcotic wonder drugs and insists on giving me vioxx (i dont know anybody that this works for). I was mad enough already but what happened next.... Shocked
if there's anything I hate it's these doctors who can't seem to decide who to prescribe pain meds too Confused . I"m a respectable, middle aged married woman with children and I suffer from three herniated discs as well as fibromalgia. As i'm being turned down for narcotic pain meds (10mg oxycontin or anything else I ask for), I see a young (pardon the cliche because I am not prejudice and I have friend's with this appearance) but a "hippy type looking guy Cool who apparently doesn't have any serious injuries being handed prescriptions for 3 very strong pain meds: dilaudid, some sort or patch (fentynyl?) and #120-80mg oxycontin. My hair stood up when I saw them lying on the counter! I asked him what injury he has that he needed such strong pain rellievers and he told me he fell off a ladder a fe months ago. I asked how did he get the doctor to write that medicine for him and he told me he was referred by an online website called p.M.R.S.. We talked a little about it and I was so excited to get home to see the website on my computer. I went to their website and read into it. They're some sort of referral place that reviews your condition, and gives you a form to give to your doctor. You can contact me for more details if you'd like. I purchased a one time exam/referral and it was well worth it. The next doctor I went to see wrote me the meds I needed and he did it with a smile! He even asked if that would be enough! I could have almost cried. I just want to let some of you know about this place because they've helped me so very much. Maybe some of you are in the same situation. Feel free to write to me for their email address or website because they deserve all the publicity they can get. Good luck to all of you.

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First Helper gardenwatcher

replied October 28th, 2004
Online Referal Service
I have a question did your doctor approve the meds once you had this referral? Or did you have to use their online referral doctor? I am interested in going this route I just don't want to waste my time by going to a local doctor first & having them reject it when I could have saved time & went to the online doctor first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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replied August 27th, 2005
Pain Management
I need help finding a referral Dr. That does not mind using pain med. I have had back surgery,neck surgery and fibro. I have used the same Dr. For years. I have really been suffering in the last few months.. Any help would greatly be appreciated..Thank you janice brunson
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replied September 16th, 2005
Don't be fooled by that original post. It is a bogus story. It is an ad for the web site.

I would bet a million bucks that the story is not true. Read it over again. It is an ad for this illegal service.

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replied June 29th, 2009
How do we get in touch with Gardenwatcher??
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replied July 1st, 2009
doesnt matter now if it was for a legit company or not offering to sell doctor consultations for 80 dollars and then shipping you perscriptions. This has all changed since the ryan hiat act or whatever. Cant buy meds online from a phone or online consultation need a yearly face to face visit with said doc. Some sites exist selling indian and chinese pharmacuticals but are generally costly and risky.
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replied January 29th, 2014
Thanx for info, livelycadaver can you explain sir what is pcd in pharma. i got a link such
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replied October 10th, 2013
I need some advice on getting some Medicine to help me.
Hello I need some advice on getting some Meds I've been hit buy a crane broke
My back 3 bad dics neck whip lash knees caps knot out of place very pain
Was in a wheel chair for 2 yrs had surgery on my back didn't help that surgery made
My right leg numb couldn't feel anything for a long time then in the hosp
After my surgery my bladder got ics which is hell it's like having a bladder
Infection 24/7 than 3 yrs later was suppose to have rods n cages with screw put
In threw the back side n prosthetics in my back but the company doesn't want
To pay so I'm in sooo much pain n need some advice on getting some
Meds. Thank you for any response.
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