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My Cycle And Late Period

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I am late....I posted before about messing with my boyfriend and the oral sex and touching and all that. Most assured while there was a minuscule chance of getting pregnant, I probably wasn't. I am now having trouble with my cycle. I thought I was regular but my boyfriend insists that it changes. He always keeps track so he knows when i'm going to be moody
Smile. So anyway........If I was on the traditional 4 week I would be a week late. If I am a five week cycle girl (which I think I am) I am like a day late. If I am on a 6 week cycle, which my boyfriend says I sometimes am...I have nothing to worry about..

I am sure stress is paying a part in me being late, because I don't feel pregnant at all. If I am, i'd be 4 weeks along. I'd feel symptoms then right? So i'm just wondering how long your period can be late when you are stressed? Or does it have to eventually come and stress cant hold it back?

Sorry i'm so confused and just a bit scared!
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replied October 15th, 2004
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Dont stress and worry it will make it late hunni just wait another week and test if you get a neg either wait a little longer and test agian or for your period or see your doc... Goood luuuuck Smile lemme knw Smile
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