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ball underneath my skin on my neck

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I have a question and hopefully someone will be able to answer it. A few days ago I noticed what felt like a ball underneath my skin on my neck. I figured that it would go away but it hasn't. It's not uncomforable or painful, only it does hurt a tiny bit if you press on it. I have no idea what it could be.
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replied October 8th, 2003
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It could be a cyst (sist)? I dont know how its spelled. But my sister had something like that and she was kinda freaked out so she went to the clinic and they cut it open and all this guk came out and they had to stitch it back together. So you should get it looked at.
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replied August 27th, 2011
having a web page related to medical problems and not having a doctor available to respond to your readers is a gross show of disrespect toward them because they are coming to you with their problems and you don´t have the decency to respond profesionally
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