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Hi there,
i'd just like to know if it is possible for anxiety/paranoia to cause symptoms that you read about. Recently, every symptom i've read up on here I seem to get, i.E. Fatigue, sweating, night sweats, headache. I even thought my glands in neck were up after reading it but think my neck was just really tensed after reading about it. Im not sure if these are symptoms or all in my mind!I know it sounds crazy but I think my mind is playing tricks on me. Especially as these were occuring after id consumed a lot of alcohol over a period of time.Is this possible with all these symptoms to have sort of imagined them or are they actuaslly happening?
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replied October 6th, 2004
Alcohol creates stress on the mind/body and really messes with brain coherence, which in turn causes a chemical imbalance. Therefore, I doubt your problems are just "all in the mind". In fact, over the years i've come to the conclusion that anxiety/depression are physical disorders and the treatment approach should be no different than any other phyiscal type disorder. For years I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety, and severe depression. But it wasn't until I discovered ces (cranial electro-stimulation) that I finally got relief. What ces does is stimulate the hypothalamus and restore the brain to homeostasis. Many researchers believe that it actually picks up the "dead" cells and recharges them, so they can function normally again and restore the naturual processes of brain coherence.

I'd quit drinking for awhile and see if it clears up. As I stated above, drinking causes stress and when the brain becomes over-stressed it will eventually exhibit signs of incoherency, which leads to chemical imbalance and then leads to symptoms of anxiety and depression. By brain incoherency I mean that the natural brainwave rhythms are being disturbed and therfore that's causing a cascade of other brain functions to falter. Mainstream medicine is hooked on treating with drugs and that just addresses the problem at the symptom level. Ces addresses the problem at the electrical level, which is the root of brain functioning. You don't experience consciousness without brainwave functioning. In fact, you're brain dead when brainwave functioning stops.
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