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So I Say I Don't Want to Kill Myself But I'm Not Convinced

Rolling Eyes I love my kids. I think I have a relatively good life with a supportive husband and a solid job and I see my value in life.... However, I feel safer having a "plan". I find myself looking for a plan, no matter how logical it is. When those fleeting thoughts fo suicide come in I get scared then I feel comforted. Kind of like they are saying "you won't hurt this bad forever". How do I stop these thoughts? How do I stop this cycle of everytime any form of a trigger comes along, my mind can't think of any other option than suicide? [email protected]@ Arrow Arrow Arrow Embarassed Confused
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replied October 9th, 2004
Suicide Thoughts
The suicide thoughts as far as I have viewed them and experienced them are brought about because the old brain is the segment that has the survival instinct and it is not really wired for the situations that it (we) encounter on a day to day pace. This is why we feel safe with our own thoughts and plans. I hope that my feedback make sense to you.
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replied October 27th, 2004
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My suicidal thoughts, stress, and depression etc were helped hugely by 5htp(tryptophan)(100mgs a day) and a ces amchine(dynamind or alpha-stim.Com about $us 200).

Aside from actually helping they don't have the side effects of presciption meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
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replied October 31st, 2004
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Not Convinced
I hope you have someone to talk to, if you don't, get someone! Now! Are you seeing a mental health care provider or a general practioner, start by talking to them and then see if you can get into talk therapy. Talk therapy really help the most because then you are expressing out loud the thoughts you are having, sometimes when you say them outloud you realize how bad they sound. In the short run I see no problem with anti-depressants, for that matter in certain people, I see no problem with long term anti-depressant use. Every person is individual, is different and you need a good mental health prover to guide you in your management of your mental health, just as you would if you had heart disease or diabetes.

Anytime you have thoughts of suicide, you need to tell someone. If you are thinking about it all the time, you really, really need to seek help immediately. I wish you the best of luck and remember it is a medical condition not a personal comdenation of your character to have depression or be bi-polar. I am bi-polar and know I have a medical condition and it is not my fault. I must take medication to maintain my health just as a diabetic must use insulin to maintain theirs.

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