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"sound" But No Pain After Hip Replacment Revision?

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After 17 years of pain from my husband's original hip replacement, we finally found a wonderful surgeon and he did a hip replacement revision with bone grafting last year.

He has no pain but he has a lot of fear as there is a sound his hip makes when he goes up the stairs or sits in a chair. It began after he became more mobile (off the crutches). We have been told it's from the greater trochanter area and that he will possibly always hear that sound. Again, there is no pain. Unfortunately from his years of suffering with the pain before this revision, he becomes very fearful when he hears this sound.

I would like to know if anyone else has an "audible" hip replacement witout pain. He can't be the only one. He is going to have the doctor draw him a picture of what is causing the sound so he can better understand as he is a builder and I think having a visual helps.

It would greatly help if anyone else that experiences this would be kind enough to respond.

P.S. I believe there was a small portion of the greater trochanter that had to be removed during the surgery but this is common.

Thank you.
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