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Guess What I Learned Today??

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I learned that some people in this forum, people who you think are genuinely nice, supportive, and understanding, are actually just putting up a front and are really just laughing at and insulting you behind your back. I posted a concern of mine a few days ago ("in desperate need of some peace of mind") because I was truly concerned about something. Granted, my worry is a bit weird and i'm sure caused many people to ask themselves, "is she for real??"...But regardless, I was still concerned and so I came here for support and reassurance (because, lets face it, thats what a forum is for isnt it??) I received what I thought was just that: kind support and reassurance. I felt a lot better about my situation and was really glad that I signed up as part of this forum. That is, until I was looking through other categories under "health forums" and came across an interesting thread.

I will not say who started the thread because that would just be catty of me. But the person basically used my thread to make a mockery of me and my situation. I was laughed at, made fun of, and insulted. I never dreamed people here could be so cruel.

Ultimately, I want to thank the people involved in the thread (and you allllllll know who you are). I was becoming a bit too trusting with many people ive encountered lately, not just on the forums, but in life as well...And you have taught me to be more careful because many, if not all, people have two sides to them. And to those of you who are genuinely seeking help and advice on these forums, i'll simply quote someone who contributed to that wonderful thread: "think about medical questions before you post them". Because you never know who will stab you in the back and make fun of your genuine concerns. Evil or Very Mad
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replied October 5th, 2004
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Who cares! I mean no offense to you, but if someone wants to spend their time making fun of people than they probably need to grow up. They will be the one's who look immature and stupid!
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