Hey! I'm presuming u guys know what broody means and that it's not just a word we use here! (u know, seeing babies and really wanting one!)
well, since my wonderful boss got pregnant, every time I wenyt to work i'd talk about her baby. She used to let me and my colleagues feel when it kicked and it was amazing! We all looked after her and let her sit down in the middle of the shop and watch us work!!! I loved watching her rub her stomach cos she did it like she loved the baby so much and it was really sweet. Now she's on maternity leave and I miss baby talk (which I why I come here I guess!) but at the moment, I feel so broody! I think about babies so much and think about holding one in my arms. I cant wait to be pregnant cos pregnant women r so beautiful. I wouldnt have a baby now cos i'm in university but I cry cos I can't wait to have 1! Does anyone else feel like this?
Liz x x
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replied October 6th, 2003
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