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Wet Nights Please Help

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since the age of 12/13 i've been peeing in the bed on and off. Sometimes for a week straight to maybe i'll go a month and not do it at all.. Really weird. Now i've heard it could be from chronic masturbation... Which I don't consider what I do chronic masturbation but I do it maybe like once every 2 days but sometimes every day or other day, not 2+ times a day. This has been going on since around when I started peeing in the bed, which might be why i'm not very sure.
I am now 16 going on 17 and I really hate washing the sheets and wearing diapers which I tried once but I hated it... I usually go to the bathroom before I go to bed even a lot sometimes but still pee in the bed... I sometimes masturbate before bed.
Somtimes I pee alot before sleeping and still its like a huge puddle on my bed.
While asleep (my parents don't believe me), I cannot feel myself peeing in the bed or obviously i'd get up because being wet is not fun and getting up in the middle of the night, I don't even feel the pee until im waken up by someone or something, usually remembering my dreams they are not like wet dreams but more like end of the world and earthquakes stuff. Really weird. I'm not really embarrassed but its annoying waking up in pee..

I need a solution!!!! Embarassed *it's not diabetes i've tested for that*

Idea stop masturbating?, limit it?
Idea don't drink any liquids?
Idea see the doctor? (last resort)
Idea take a pill?
Sad anything suggested would really help..

Thankyou very much for your time
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