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What Were You First Signs of Pregnancy

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This month my charts look good, good bd timing and large implantion dip(hopefully). I should start in 5 days or so...But I have no signs of starting. I usually have cramping, tender breast, ect...But I feel nothing. I was wondering if this may be b/c I am pregnant. When did you get your first signs of pregnancy and what were they? Question
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replied September 21st, 2004
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every pregnancy is different. My first pregnancy the only clear cut signs I had of being pregnant we're a missed period a positive pregnancy test, spotting and frequent urination a couple days after I took the test. I also had cramps thats not a clear sign though. If my period wasn't late and I didn't have the spotting I wouldnt even have taken a test. My breasts didn't even become sore until I was at least 10 weeks. This pregnancy I have no cramping or spotting, frequent urination 2-3 days before my period was even due, sore breasts or at least one of them lol, and fautige. I also usually get cramps at least 2 days before my period and I had none. That was a pretty good sign for me.
Even if you don't have any signs it doesnt mean you aren't pregnant. Every pregnancy is different. If you feel different you may be pregnant. Hopefully things work out for you.
Here are the top 10 signs
• 10. Tender, swollen breasts
• 9. Fatigue
• 8. Implantation bleeding
• 7. Nausea or vomiting
• 6. Increased sensitivity to odors
• 5. Food aversions
• 4. Frequent urination
• 3. A missed period
• 2. Your basal body temperature stays high
• 1. The proof: a positive home pregnancy test

i got those from babycenter.Com

keep us posted :d
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