For a few days I have had an irritation in my left eye - like something was in the eye.

Today I had a really good look and noticed that a single eyelash from my bottom eyelid is bent back and resting on the eye which is obviously causing the irritation.

It is not painful and is not causing me vision problems, but is annoying and at times uncomfortable.

I have tried rinsing the eye and this only works temporarily.

Is it safe to pluck the eyelash (don't want to risk infection that close to the eye for one) or is there anything else I can do to rectify this?

Failing that, would you guys recommend I see a doctor, and what will they do?
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replied September 9th, 2004
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Ya, I would just pluck it! You'll probly feel a little pinch.. But if it gets rid of the problem, why not? I wouldn't worry about going to the doctor.. He would probly just end up doing the same thing.
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replied December 3rd, 2004
Same Problem
I have the same problem but the problem is that it grows back. In fact the worst part is when its very short. I can't see it to pluck it out and its more of an irritation when its that short.

Suggestions for permanent removal? I'd like to keep the rest of my eyelashes Laughing
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