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Clitoris Constantly Throbs

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A girl had asked about this problem on another message board and no one seems to know what's wrong, so I thought i'd bring it here in hopes that perhaps you guys can help her out.

She says that her clitoris is constantly throbbing and she has a bit of excess discharge. It's not an aroused feeling, but just a pulsing one that's really annoying. I know I had a similar problem a couple of years ago, but it was from wearing jeans that were too tight and they rode up in the front and put pressure on my clitoris and made it throb painfully. But this is not this girl's case. It throbs for no reason, and she says it seems to do it more so when she's angry.

Someone told her that it could be because of her ocd, but I really don't think that obsessive compulsive disorder has any connection with the clitoris.


Any ideas, you guys?

(i know this isn't really sexual health, but I didn't know where else to put it)


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replied September 9th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Well, it really could be some kind of anxiety for her. I mean, she could be so darn frustrated that her clit starts to pulse and feels uncomfortable.
But if she is having excess discharge, she may want to see if she has an infection of some kind.

But, it could seriously be her frustration. Tell her to try to find ways to clear her mind and relax. I know that is very hard to do, but I think it would help her. Also, if she would excercise regularly then she would release a lot of stress/anger and frustration that way and maybe the problem will solve itself.
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replied September 25th, 2004
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I know this reply is a little late but is she on any meds for her ocd? They can sometimes cause a semi-orgasmic feeling which can actually be very annoying.
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replied February 25th, 2012
Throbbing Clitoris
This is definitely not a mental health issue. There can be real problems causing her throbbing clitoris. Something has caused the nerves to become irritated. Strangely enough, if she has been severely constipated, forcing the feces out can stretch and strain the nerves to her clitoris. She need to have a discussion with her doctor, get checked for stds, etc.
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replied September 9th, 2014
Please please please helppp!!!
I have the same problem. My clitoris has been throbbing for a good 3-4 months now. & It's constant.. it doesn't stop. I went to the hospital when it first started about 3 or 4 days into because its just so annoying.. trying to lay down and watch t.v. it just starts pulsing.. and its all you feel, think about.. eventually it drives you nuts. I couldn't sleep nothing. But the hospital said everything down there looked fine besides a little swelling and bruising from probably rough sex. Said if it didn't go away within 2-3 days to go to my ob/gyn. Well i obviously didnt. I'm on medicine called Mirtazapine. Well right before all this started i tried to ween myself off of them.. they would give me sever headaches, make me very agitated. I would flip out on my fiance and my kids all the time for no reason. I'm 25 years old.. i shouldnt be having these sorts of problems. Well i started taking them again, a lower dose.. it hasn't gone away fully but when i take them it seems managable. I;m not sure if its because its a sleeping pill/for mental purposes. Maybe i should have the dose raised again. I don't know. Someone please help.
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