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Hey guys im new but this is not really concerning me its concerning my friend. She resently broke up with her boyfriend eric, she was with him for about 7 months and they did everything. I mean everything. She is very upset and she broke up with him well more like a month ago. She threatens to kill herself and I try to help her cope with it but theres only so much I can do, I mean I try to put in a good word and tell her she can do better she will find someone new but I cant keep repeating myself. I just dont want her to hurt herself. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can help.? Question
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replied October 1st, 2003
Experienced User
Kristen, does she have aol.....If she does I would like her to email me better yet im me...I would like to talk to her.....You are doing everything right don't stop being a good friend.....You can't really do to much but talk to her... The only really thing that will make her feel better is if she found somebody else...Maybe you can help her find someone.... Don't push anyone on her...Good luck....Tell her to get I contact with me....

Your friend
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replied October 2nd, 2003
Active User, very eHealthy
Dear kkay,

your friend needs you now more than ever, breaking up with someone you love is like a death in the family, so I guess you could say she is kind of grieving, keep being her friend and try to visit her often. Maybe she can come stay with you for a while until she is back on her feet ? While this is not always possible, try to remain strong for her as she obviously is not. It may not be a better guy she needs right now but more so a friend, and you are that someone. She is probably going to need a few things to keep her mind off him and learn to appreciate the good things in life again, try and have some quiet nights in watching videos, eating pizza, have some slumber parties, just you and her. If she seems as though she is ok with others around, maybe you could invite some other friends round aswell (male and female) so that she is at least socializing again.

Good luck,

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